Friday, June 17, 2005

Is it true? Is a picture worth a thousand words? Maria is determined to keep me busy... too busy to actually write a thousand words, or fifty for that matter. Okay, so my writing is suffering, but I can still fill up pages with pictures. The children and I finished school early on Wednesday and took some exercise at Legoland (long walks + smiles of exhileration = fit bodies and souls.) And here is a picture to sum up the experience:

Maria can move. It's a movement something like an inch worm, but fast. Her primary target is Chango the cat. His tail holds more interest for her than anything else. Chango is not as keen about Maria. She yells when she seem him, and he bolts. She pulls his fur when she can get close, and he looks at her pleadingly and desperately and then he bolts again. And now Maria cries whenever he leaves her and she says, pleadingly, desperately, "Keee, keee..."

I found a stunt double for Chango. It has a pert tail and sweet face, and it stands tall and sturdy. It never bolts or looks at her with suspicion. When I first showed her the stuffed animal she stretched her arms and reached for the little toy cat and she said "Keee. Keee." It went straight to her mouth, for what we suppose are kisses, wet and adoring.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Alex may be growing up,
but none of us could ever be too big
for a hug from Grandma Nancy.

Alex's party was a full house event.
Full of family, friends and fun.

Speaking of growing up...
if I am no older than I was 5 years ago,
how can these little girls be growing up already?

Let's begin by wishing Alex a happy birthday: Happy Birthday 11 year old boy!

Last night Geoff's grandmother constructed a list describing all of the activities that have been going on in the last week. From Minnesota, Wisconsin and Tennessee we have been enjoying the company of family visitors: Nancy, Kayla, Laura, Gary and Sophie, Jane and Alison, and Lily and Phil. Nancy's list was elaborate and took a group effort to compile, because they have been doing a lot in one week. Some went to Tijuana, some went to Julian, at least 3 trips were made to beaches, and there was the beach volley ball tournament, Old Town, kayaking, surf lessons, the Zoo, antique shopping, birthday shopping, hanging out at Holly and Rich's and Friday we celebrated Alex's birthday with a volcano cake and more friends and family. And even though I didn't participate in half of these activities, I still managed to stay too busy to keep up on Chicken Blog.

A lot of family had early flights home this morning. ( I wonder if they took off before the quake?) I enjoyed their visit, but like most time spent with people you love, it was over too soon. We have two more days to visit with Nancy, Kayla, Sophie, Lily and Phil. I should give them a call and catch up with the plan of the day.