Friday, June 17, 2005

Is it true? Is a picture worth a thousand words? Maria is determined to keep me busy... too busy to actually write a thousand words, or fifty for that matter. Okay, so my writing is suffering, but I can still fill up pages with pictures. The children and I finished school early on Wednesday and took some exercise at Legoland (long walks + smiles of exhileration = fit bodies and souls.) And here is a picture to sum up the experience:

Maria can move. It's a movement something like an inch worm, but fast. Her primary target is Chango the cat. His tail holds more interest for her than anything else. Chango is not as keen about Maria. She yells when she seem him, and he bolts. She pulls his fur when she can get close, and he looks at her pleadingly and desperately and then he bolts again. And now Maria cries whenever he leaves her and she says, pleadingly, desperately, "Keee, keee..."

I found a stunt double for Chango. It has a pert tail and sweet face, and it stands tall and sturdy. It never bolts or looks at her with suspicion. When I first showed her the stuffed animal she stretched her arms and reached for the little toy cat and she said "Keee. Keee." It went straight to her mouth, for what we suppose are kisses, wet and adoring.


Janece said...

Look at that sweet face... and the stunt double for Chango is a brilliant idea. Our animals suddenly have the fear in them now that Amira is crawling and FAST! Today we had a small situation between Amira and Tova -- he didn't appreciate her attempting to climb him as she tried to get to Mama. He announced his displeasure and startled Amira, who dissolved into tears. Poor sweetie. They reconciled and Amira gets that Tova isn't like the sofa cushions and needs to be tread upon lightly. Literally. ;)

Janece said...

By the way, I don't envy you with Maria being mobile already. I'm finding I'm really happy that Amira wasn't truly fully mobile until just this past last week. And while I love and as proud as a peacock watching her crawl about... life is suddenly more complicated. ;)

Natalie said...

Too much too soon! You are right to appreciate a relaxed pace, and we are in big trouble on the baby proofing front.