Saturday, August 13, 2016

Playing House in Portland

We began the day with an explore of the Columbia River Gorge, including seeing Multnomah Falls. Ron and Delia have been fun, attentive guides, and they delivered us safely to our Portland stop. 

You guys! It's 93 degrees hot. Hot! 

Lead by Maria's Pokemón Go, we scoped out a park, and found Poke stops and a Little Free Library before arriving at our destination. Now we are playing house! Fairy house. The roof is finished, Maria's making a fire ring and a bed.    

Cool and green! It looks inviting. 

We're roughly in a northerly Southeast neighborhood, walking and ready to decipher the Max, buses. So, where would you go? To play, to rest, to eat? Know a crafty-must-shop? We might need a pool! We know about Voodoo and Powell's, and we've heard Blue Star is the local preferred donut indulgence. We are flexible and pretty easily impressed!

Tying off a bundle of soft bark for a fairy's pillow. 

Welcome, fairies~

Grandma :: Two Hundred Twenty Seven

Dear Grandma, 
I love you~

A Picture a Day, with Infinity More Monkeys~

Friday, August 12, 2016

My Grubblies Plan

This handsome roo photograph was taken by my mom, Delia, when she was in Kauai. Back at the Bird House, William is taking care of my chickens. I know they're in good hands. I'd like to think they miss me, a little at least, but I know better. Those wee chicken brains don't leave much room for sentimentality, so I have a plan. When I get home and want to reconnect with my flock I'll be reaching for some Grubblies to help me rebuild our friendships. Natalie, the Chickenblogger + Grubblies = Chicken Whisperer!

The enterprising and generous guys at Grubbly Farms have a 20% discount to share with everyone when you order Grubblies for your flock. I'm counting on these treats to win me back into the good graces of my flock!  

Use this link when you order: 

"Grubblies are not only a natural source of protein for your chicken, they also provide calcium and lysine, both of which are essential nutrients in egg-laying."

And one more thing to look forward to... A Grubbly Farms giveaway, here at Chickenblog! The chickens and I will post about that asap!

Sunset Bay :: Two Hundred Twenty Six

Beautiful Sunset Bay. I'm sure the views are spectacular, more so on a clear day! But we had nothing to complain about. Our whole day was full of great sights, berry sampling, exploring and fun. Maria made a friend, here, and even got down to shorts and a Tshirt while wading in that PNW water! Ron and Delia are spoiling us... such a treat being taken on our own guided tour of the coast!

Picture a Day, with Infinity More Monkeys~

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Cranberry Bog :: Two Hundred Twenty Five

Harvesting the cranberries. I feel so fortunate to have seen this... the flooded bog and all the beautiful fruit floating, ready to be collected. Between this sight and the brisk weather here, I feel eager for it to be Thanksgiving!

Picture a Day, with Infinity More Monkeys

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Destination :: Two Hundred Twenty Four

Maria with her great-grandmother, Eunice. 

Only two hours delayed and not a bit weary, we made it to our destination, Albany, Oregon. Actually, our real destination was into the loving embrace of family.  Every bit worth the trip. There was even cake left over from Grandma's birthday celebration! We began our train adventure on Grandma's ninety-fourth birthday and made it in time for a happy, extended celebration with Delia and Ron, Aunt Becky and my cousin Deborah. 

Today we are waking up near the coast... over some rivers, through verdant woods, to Grandma Boo's and Grandpa Ron's we go!

Picture a Day, with Infinity More Monkeys~

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Oregon Bound :: Two Hundred Twenty Three

We boarded the Coast Starlight yesterday, and now we are traveling passed Upper Klamath Lake. Maria and I will be visiting family in Oregon. Our adventure has been very nice, so far. 

Picture a Day, with Infinity More Monkeys~

Monday, August 08, 2016

With A Little Help From His Friends :: Two Hundred Twenty Two

Max blew out the candle, and made his birthday wish, with a little help from his friends.

{Corey, Amira, Lucas, Hana, Maria, AlexJ, Alexi, Max, James, Celine, Alex, Bambi, Grant}

With Infinity More Monkeys, a picture a day.