Friday, December 02, 2011

Last Night in Busy Town

Fresh faces

Everything is just about set for this year's Holiday Parade! There have been many work parties, though it has definitely been less intense than last year, when FIRST 2102 Team Paradox was a freshmen team in the realm of parade floats and giant robot arms.

Engineers, artists, crafts people, dancers, painters, builders... !

Last year, Lavender had to be designed and constructed, then wired, from the ground up. She was so shiny! The arm rose up and down and the claw could open and close. Well, this year Lavender is new and improved and extra shiny! Her base is being updated to turn degrees, and notice her team colors face lift.

Remember the mini-bot element of last year's *FRC game, LogoMotion? Now our practice tower is enjoying a new purpose as the lit up tower-tree at the front of the float.

*Hey! Bill's Blog just posted hint #1 for FRC 2012... there are clues in the new components list. So excited for Team 2102 in 2012!!

The many branches of FIRST 2102 Team Paradox have been busier than ever before... since September over summer since last spring every single day! They have built new machines, learned new machine shop skills, mentored FIRST LEGO League teams, organized community service events, brought a whole new class of fresh faces up to speed, represented at the Street Fair, and they are preparing to host a FLL Food Factor event in their high school.

I think last night we had the most new team members show up, and they went straight to work... cutting foam and cardboard for giant batteries and gears, painting, and tossing glitter. Our float is representing the spirit and tools of our community's busy and dedicated student engineers.

Maria brought out our cupcake papers, which make a good material for snowflakes, right Sam?

When seventy high school students organize themselves to build robots, learn programming, design parade floats, raise funds for cancer research, mentor grade school students in FLL, mentor fellow FRC rookie teams, clean beaches and parks, write grant proposals, make videos, embrace science, technology, engineering, art, music, and math... I gotta say, they represent their community in a magnificent way.

Whew! That's Busy Town. Go robotics! Go Team Paradox!

And one more new element for this year's parade entry... Team Paradox Robo Dancers! Lonnie choreographed a techno-jingle routine, and last night was the first rehearsal...


trailer ✓
truck and driver ✓
robotic arm ✓
dancers ✓
lights ✓
decorations ✓
Team Spirit ✓
Passion FIRST ✓
Engineering Inspiration ✓
sturdy shoes ✓
a winning robotics team ✓


Thursday, December 01, 2011

Just Call Me SuperChicken!

In, or out, of my super suit, I am basically super chicken.
Better than chicken supper, but still lacking in higher than average self-motivation, career skills, wherewithal, stamina, time management sense.

My train of thought frequently derails, and or has head-on collisions with ideas like these:
"The house is such a mess; I should get a baby goat."

"After this lasagna, I am going to learn yoga, and only eat celery. With peanut butter. And more lasagna."

"I should go on a walk, but not alone on the nature trail, which feels unsafe, so at the mall, but then I'll be in public and visible in my invisible way, which makes me feel insecure and self-aware, and besides I should really just go home and clean the entire house, which is impossible, because we are not tidy people. Hey, who ate all the lasagna?"

"If it snows, where will I put the chickens? Or the goat? It never snows here. I think I really could get a goat."

"Wasn't there something really important I needed to do today?"


Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Risky Business

Max and Alex brought out a board game, studied the rules, set out their players, and proceeded to divide the world into their personal domains. Strategy and diligence were their tools. Superpowers rose, and fell. Borders were crossed.

But sometimes we cannot foresee what fate has in store for us...

All your base are belong to us; and in one strategic swoop, Chango overtook the Western Hemisphere. Game over.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Happy Story

Tonight, for a bedtime story, I read Maria all of the dear messages from family and friends wishing her a happy birthday. Some things about social media are undeniably marvelous... like the people who use it to send their love and affection.

Thank you... for kindness, endearments, warmth, and support. Your words and sentiments brought Maria's happy day to a happy end. No doubt, she will have sweet dreams.

Monday, November 28, 2011

My Dear, Brave Rooster

May 2010 ~ November 27, 2011. Every farm needs a brave and good cocky-little-dude.

He defended his family to the end.
My dear Zoltar.
My funny, dear little Zoltar.

No matter how he kicked and fussed, no matter how he strutted around, I always knew he was just doing his job. And he was the only one who would peck my boots, then hop on my lap for affection and attention. I love him. I loved him. We liked to hold him, to admire his beauty, and his bold demeanor. He watched over his flock, protecting and providing... he gave everything.

I'm so sad it hurts everywhere, and I don't know what to do.

Blog, I guess... and cry, but what else?
What do you do when faced with heartache mounted atop daily stress, and other domestic perils swirled with the minor and stumbling woes of life? I feel... qwehqlwjeqewkrh... know what I mean? And also, I hate coyotes quite a bit, but that doesn't help.