Monday, November 28, 2011

My Dear, Brave Rooster

May 2010 ~ November 27, 2011. Every farm needs a brave and good cocky-little-dude.

He defended his family to the end.
My dear Zoltar.
My funny, dear little Zoltar.

No matter how he kicked and fussed, no matter how he strutted around, I always knew he was just doing his job. And he was the only one who would peck my boots, then hop on my lap for affection and attention. I love him. I loved him. We liked to hold him, to admire his beauty, and his bold demeanor. He watched over his flock, protecting and providing... he gave everything.

I'm so sad it hurts everywhere, and I don't know what to do.

Blog, I guess... and cry, but what else?
What do you do when faced with heartache mounted atop daily stress, and other domestic perils swirled with the minor and stumbling woes of life? I feel... qwehqlwjeqewkrh... know what I mean? And also, I hate coyotes quite a bit, but that doesn't help.


  1. Oh, Natalie, I do know what you mean. I think what you are doing, sharing your love for him and your feelings with us, might help a little. I wish I could come through the screen and give you a big hug. I share your love for all animals and I know that it sometimes brings its own share of heartache. (( hugs ))

  2. It's just too awful, Natalie. We are so sorry - Zoltar was so very beautiful and perfect. And I'm not a chicken (or rooster) lover but he is one who did it for me. I hate coyotes too now.

  3. Ah, but Zoltar will live on with all the readers of Chicken Blog. Poor guy.

  4. What else?

    Breathe. Deeply. Feel. Accept what you feel. And know you are wrapped, head to toe, in love.

    I'm heartbroken, Natalie.

    Love you.

  5. Oh no, poor Zoltar! I'm so sorry that Zoltar lost his fight against those crazy coyotes. At least he protected his chicas. :-(

  6. Oh Natalie and family, I am so sorry. Zoltar was such a beautiful cocky-little-dude. He had a certain comic dignity, didn't he? It sounds like he fought the good fight for his chicas.



  7. :( poor rooster. poor natalie! *HUGS* i'm sorry for your loss. he was a beautiful feathered friend.

  8. Wow. I opened ye olde google reader, and THREE posts have been about deaths... two beloved pets and one dad. Something must have been going on in the universe this weekend.

    I'm also so, so sorry about Mr. Zoltar. Boy, was he beautiful. :(

  9. Can it be? Poor beautiful beloved Zoltar. I'm so sorry, Natalie.

  10. Oh, dear Zoltar. I think he was the star of the very first Chicken Blog post I ever read. In the year and a half we've had chickens I've thought a lot about gender roles in the chicken yard, and have concluded that roosters really do have a huge amount of responsibility. They take their duties as protectors seriously, even at the risk of their own lives. Zoltar was a good rooster, and he had a wonderful life. I'll miss him, too.

  11. Hello, I'm one of your newer readers, but nonetheless, my heart aches for you. We love our little chicks and I live in fear of the coyotes around here! Zoltar was such a brave and handsome little warrior.

  12. I'm so, SO sorry. He was a fine lil' roo, and he had a great life at your place. He got fresh air, good food, room to roam, and ladies to protect. Bless his fierce warrior spirit.

  13. He was magnificent, by every measure. He lives on in the photographs that did, it seems, do him so very much justice, and clearly he knew that he was loved.

  14. My sympathetic friends... thank you for your support and kindness. I am still distressed, and our poor flock is unhappy being sequestered... but the villain is still out there, and I do not want to see another scene like I found that morning.

    Plans for a real coop and aviary type yard are in the works, but of course these things take time, time, time.

  15. Just coming upon this now. I'm so sorry, Natalie.


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