Saturday, July 02, 2016

Bond Falls :: One Hundred Eighty One

Gary and Laura, Geoff, Maria and Natalie, Max, Alex, William~

This Picture a Day courtesy of Laura. Technically speaking, posting a picture a day from my phone hasn't been easy, but I'm glad I've managed to keep up, because there have been so many moments to love, images that standout. The other challenge has been choosing just one picture, so I haven't... not really. 

When we are back at our Bird House I hope to post gobs and gobs more pictures, more details for our Summer Vacation Scrapbook, for a trip that's turned out even better than imagined. 

Friday, July 01, 2016

North Woods Adventures :: One Hundred Eighty

William, Max, Alex, Maria~

We are on a family vacation and it's been quite good. In fact, it seems to get better and better as we go. And go we have... All the way to the UP! {Michigan was never on our itinerary. I forget how much easier it is to cross state lines when traveling east, compared with traveling from California.} We've been swallowed whole by mosquitos, discovered the headwaters of the Wisconsin River, dropped over huge waterfalls, charmed by orphaned ground squirrels, washed clean in downpours, shaken silly by thunder and lightning, and completely spoiled and indulged by the thoughtfully generous hospitality of our North Woods hosts, Laura and Gary. 

Only some events are exaggerated, but the hospitality has been truly grand!

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Amor :: One Hundred Seventy Nine


We are filling each day with as much as we can. Exploring new places, like machine barns, cow sheds, Mustard Museums, a cheese factory. Visiting family, in their homes or meeting at a favorite pub, farmers market, around a bonfire. And from the Bird House we have regular updates from Janece, Paul... the chickens' antics, cat videos, comforting assurances that all is well at the home farm. 

Amor. Love. We find it everywhere. I look for it everywhere. And it's not that we haven't met with obstacles or mishaps. Mosquitos, tummy aches, car rental snags... Other things that delay, frustrate or disappoint. It's alright. The sky is big and the clouds are backlit in silvery light, then we think of new a plan, another way, and we move forward. And this morning, after my first restful night in weeks, I feel thankful to remember, to believe, that looking for the love is a very good place to begin. {sleep. dear sleep. I woke up all effusive and thankful, restored... full of amor. makes me giggle inside.}

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Somewhere Out There :: One Hundred Seventy Eight

Today's picture is from the beginning of our explore of the farm land somewhere in southwest Wisconsin. A place between the Earth and the sky, by trees and prairie flowers. 

Everywhere we go, our loved ones are on our minds and we say, Wish you were here. We carry you with us, think...
What if we lived here, cats, chickens, and goats, our friends, our family? What if we shared the same lane, saw the same views? Anywhere we go, inevitably it's the same... We wish we were home, or that home were here, too. 

There's more down the road. We are eager to explore, to collect moments and pictures and experiences, and we are eager to bring it all home, to recall and say, We were there, and we wish you were with us~