Friday, July 01, 2016

North Woods Adventures :: One Hundred Eighty

William, Max, Alex, Maria~

We are on a family vacation and it's been quite good. In fact, it seems to get better and better as we go. And go we have... All the way to the UP! {Michigan was never on our itinerary. I forget how much easier it is to cross state lines when traveling east, compared with traveling from California.} We've been swallowed whole by mosquitos, discovered the headwaters of the Wisconsin River, dropped over huge waterfalls, charmed by orphaned ground squirrels, washed clean in downpours, shaken silly by thunder and lightning, and completely spoiled and indulged by the thoughtfully generous hospitality of our North Woods hosts, Laura and Gary. 

Only some events are exaggerated, but the hospitality has been truly grand!


Anonymous said...

How wonderful to spend time with all your family - and have a holiday too! The scenery looks spectacular. I love the photos of mealtimes - the 2nd photo over on the right has a slab of butter in a dish. I bought a set of coffee cups of the very same Indian Tree Johnson's Bros design this pm! Somebody obviously used to export it, or took it with them from back home here in the UK. Enjoy your holiday and have lots more adventures. Ax

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I will have to be sure Laura sees your comment. These dishes belonged to her uncle... and I believe they were his mother's before that. She was telling me about how she's been collecting more pieces. They are so pretty! And I love that you recognize them, the timing of you just buying those coffee cups, too!