Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Lucky Baby

She has caused quite a sensation, from California to Hawaii, from Sonora, Mexico to Ontario, Canada, north to Oregon and many points between. She is very blessed with friends and family, extended and doting, generous and kind. Great-Grandma Marjorie sent Maria this hand-knit doll, and the intensity of Maria's affection for her baby is precious. She lights up when seeing her doll, she hugs her, she kisses her, she gazes adoringly in to her black, stitched eyes. Love. It's grand.

Sunday, April 03, 2005


Compulsive. I should be cleaning. Maria is asleep in her swing and the there is no telling how long this break will last. Dirty dishes, laundry... the usual chaos reigns supreme, and yet I cannot help but sit at Geoff's laptop, still in pajamas, and tap, tap, tap.

William is taller than his 6'2" dad. He is 14 years old. My baby. It goes fast. As fast as they said it would.

Maria had her four month check up on Friday. She is healthy, and "developmentally ahead." She weighs 15 lbs and 4oz: Chi-Chi Power!

Grandma and aunt Becky and uncle Dan came from Pasadena yesterday, which was a perfect surprise and treat. I have been trying to get my stuff together to pay them a visit, before Grandma returns to her second home in Oregon. Nothing is simple when traveling as a family of six, but Grandma is nearly 83, so I feel quite honored to have her come to us. We looked at family pictures together and played with Maria too. Grandma strolled around the yard and gathered some cuttings from her geraniums. It was wonderful to have her near, and enjoying the flowers.

I should have written about the visit from the Hawaii grandparents last week. Maria does not tolerate time spent in the computer office, so my writing is lagging... I'll try to post some pictures soon. Anyhow, it was a short, but sweet visit, and I think they managed to squeeze in a lot of quality time with grandchildren, as well as shopping and touring. Aunt Peg came from Wisconsin during the same week, so the fun was doubled up.

We are off to Legoland today. We haven't been in quite some time. The boys are understandably thrilled. They are also aware that this is Maria's first trip to their "Happiest Place on Earth," so the anticipation is extra thick. Geoff and I are the kind and brave parents taking 4 children to a theme park, but the big applause goes to our friend Deanne. She gave them the ultimate Easter Egg: Free tickets!

I knew my time would be brief... Maria is awake and needs freshening. Now. No delay. Get on it Momma.