Friday, December 04, 2009

We Need A Little Christmas

All the way to the tree lot my mind and heart were in a heated debate.

Heart: What we need is to decorate for Christmas.

Mind:We are sick. Stay in bed. Shut out the light.

Heart: Fresh air and the joyful spirit of Christmas will cure whatever ails us.

Mind: Are you for real?

Heart: Think of the children, and the heartwarming sight of a lit up tree.

Mind: Think of the lines and the hassle of climbing in to the attic to search for the tree stand.

Heart: A cheerful heart has no fear.

Mind: Bah and humbug. A cheerful heart doesn't vacuum pine needles.

Heart: This is going to be wonderful. You'll see.

They went back and forth like that. I side with the heart, obviously.

Only Max and I are sick and I think the fresh air was good for us. William and Alex are strong and capable, so I put them in charge. They found a good tree, and Max, Maria and I chimed in with our happy approval.

William and Alex hoisted our evergreen on to the roof of the sleigh van, secured it and even got it standing straight and secure in our living room.

Now it is lit and pretty and cheerful and dropping pine needles...

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Crackin' Up

Is it a coincidence that if someone is "cracking up" they can be either laughing heartily or losing their mind? Personally, I am going for a little of each.

The broken window actually makes me feel more giddy than grumpy. It is our very own broken window. We can fix it when we want to and we do not have to answer to anyone for it. And better still, it came from play. Spontaneous evening ball tossing between two family members led to this event... this rite of passage. What can be more classic than a shattered window pane from an errant ball?

So, what else has me cracking up?

Geoff's ankle injury. When the swelling goes down we can get a better prognosis.
Maria's mystery fever, which has finally left, but not before we had to postpone her birthday celebration.
Max's new cold.
My new cold.
Feeling old, grouchy, grinchy, overwhelmed, smelly, tired, far behind and after I post this, embarrassed.
Yes. It is that kind of morning. And I haven't been anywhere near a Martha Stewart publication, so the feeling that I will never achieve my goals and fulfill my holiday fantasies has been mustered all by my own daydreaming and self-deprecating self. Can you say "self" twice in the same sentence?

I am still holding on to my gratitude, still gleefully dizzy with new home joy, but I also kind of want a break.
No. Wait. Choose my words carefully...
I still kind of want a break.
I would appreciate it if all illnesses and ER visits would cease and desist. I would like to have consecutive days of good health, for all family members. It would help tremendously if we could be unpacked, organized and even familiar with our surroundings now.

I am going to leave decorating, shopping, house cleaning, parties, outings and hoopla for another wish list.

If nothing else, I would love to take a nap.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Adjust Your Monitor

I went red... a cranberry wine, and I love it. It brings energy and warmth to this section of the yard. If it looks off or puts you off, try adjusting your monitor. Just kidding. Trust me, the red is working. I added some beautiful pots, filled them with beautiful flowers and salvaged a very neglected stool, just to reinforce my decorative vision. The house stays blue, and when the termites are finished eating the red bench, then I am going to seek more decorating and project advice from all of you, because you are prompt and full of good ideas... thank you for playing along with me.

In other news :: Geoff got me a new battery and charger. My dear camera is back in business and I cannot wait to play.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Surprise-Flower-Cookie Party

Happy Birthday Maria

It is a beautiful day for celebrating and she gives us reason to celebrate every day.
So, what's it to be ?
Nothing as elaborate as last year, when she never ran out of ideas for themes and activities to enjoy with her family. Our initial plans are on a bit of a weather-health delay, which is clearing up on both fronts, so we should be good to go for next week, and in the meantime we can have extra hugs, more singing, lots of coloring and gluing and decorating, we can eat triangle pasta and mandarins, and we can finalize details on her vision for a "Surprise party with cookies and planting flowers."

::I wonder if she wants a new camera, like uncle James' camera which, with his sweet skills, takes amazing photographs, like these. I could get one in her name and hold it in trust for her::

Marie and Maria, Parker's personal pit crew.

Max and some camera-envious, crazy chicken woman.

Maria, let's play!

::Thank you for sharing these pictures, James.
What kind of camera did you say you have?