Sunday, November 29, 2009

Surprise-Flower-Cookie Party

Happy Birthday Maria

It is a beautiful day for celebrating and she gives us reason to celebrate every day.
So, what's it to be ?
Nothing as elaborate as last year, when she never ran out of ideas for themes and activities to enjoy with her family. Our initial plans are on a bit of a weather-health delay, which is clearing up on both fronts, so we should be good to go for next week, and in the meantime we can have extra hugs, more singing, lots of coloring and gluing and decorating, we can eat triangle pasta and mandarins, and we can finalize details on her vision for a "Surprise party with cookies and planting flowers."

::I wonder if she wants a new camera, like uncle James' camera which, with his sweet skills, takes amazing photographs, like these. I could get one in her name and hold it in trust for her::

Marie and Maria, Parker's personal pit crew.

Max and some camera-envious, crazy chicken woman.

Maria, let's play!

::Thank you for sharing these pictures, James.
What kind of camera did you say you have?


Jennifer said...

Oh happy, happy, happy birthday! Or wasn't it berpday, not that long ago? Gorgeous pictures and such radiant joy!!

Janece said...

Beautiful, sweet Maria- happy birthday! Amira wanted me to let you know that being five "feels like being five and is WONDERFUL!"

Tiglizzyclone said...

Happy Birthday to Maria! Five years old!

judy in ky said...

Maria, the girl with the beautiful, sunny smile!