Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Sunday, February 13, 2005

She smiles.

Actually she smiles a lot these days. I was finally there with a camera ready. One of her smiles is like a sustained mouth open laugh, but without sound. Her brow and nose crinkle. Hers eyes twinkle and she looks delighted.

Though I don't feel like an inspired writer or a fabulous woman of remarkable beauty, with solutions to various world isssues, I ought to relax and soak up the Messy Blessings. The Messy Blessings are sometimes hard to recognize as blessings, but they are all around me. For every shortcoming and *hardship* there is a something to value and cherish, or at least respect. No, I am not Disney's Pollyanna. But the girl did have a mighty mind set.

Messy Blessings:
1. The house is a mess, but it's in a great neighborhood, Geoff can walk to work, and the rain sounds awesome on the roof.
2. I am fat, but healthy, and enjoying a new baby. I like food, and food is available to eat, which I prefer to the alternative.
3. The car is dirty, but it runs 100% reliably, it's safe and really, really comfortable.
4. There is an unwritten list of things to do that will not get done very soon, if ever, but I was there in time to catch Maria smiling and I found the time to share her smile with you.