Thursday, May 20, 2021

Oh! 19 Years of Chickenblog, By The Way

In my head, I tested myself... No new posts until a comment, or any kind of query, comes in. If there were no comments, I considered it would be a sign of whether I am meant to stop blogging, or do something else. Ha! I'm glad I didn't sign an agreement, or testify to this trial, aloud. I'd be embarrassed to have to admit, It's been absolute radio silence for ten days, and so I am moving to a cabin in the redwoods, and taking up palm reading. No has to know that I have looked for messages, checked for new traffic, hoped to have inspired some engagement. I could keep all of that under my hat, or. Or, I could stake my claim! I am the Queen of Blogging Obscurity! I am the shameless hussy of ceaseless online prattle!
So. Obviously, I am not discretely slipping away to lead a quiet, private life. I am still irresistibly drawn to writing, and sharing my deep thoughts and other musings in a public forum. I am still compulsively taking pictures, and making little movies that I post, with music, and hashtags. I am still passionately concerned about justice and equity for Black people, and Mexicans, and Indigenous people, people that are differently abled, people that are poor, LGBTQ people, and Autistic people... basically anyone that can't enjoy the same life, liberty and pursuits of happiness that other people cherish and celebrate. I am still enamoured of cottage life aesthetic, including fairies, rising dough, pressed flowers, dresses, gingham, empire waist dresses, crafts, grinding spices, and cooking corn tortillas on a cast iron comal. (Ha! I wrote "dresses" twice. Accurate.) I am still waiting for a car collision settlement to be completed, and behind me... far behind me, please, oh please! And I will never have the sort of blog that sticks to a theme, or keeps to only one lane, or even two. While I was busy not blogging, we adopted a puppy, saw the miraculous return of Grace Hopper, built a geodesic dome, I painted, grappled with my insurance company and attorney, returned the darling puppy, and have laughed, cried, cried, and laughed.
I was so looking forward to announcing about the puppy, and sharing a happy story. And of course, this next chapter about our baby goat is reason to share, and feel joy. It's been a full week, both good, and hard. The hard parts, frankly, are just so... exasperating, or only unfortunate, but really sad, too. Anyway, I was actually all set to share a lot, and explain everything, but just now, it feels like a little too much, and I am down to my last clean outfit. Really, I should just do laundry, then maybe look into redwood cabins, palm reading, and getting therapy.