Friday, December 17, 2021

Outside Under The Blue

I am full of little bursts of protestation, gasps, distressed sighs and mild exclamations, because I've fallen behind on the imagined checklist of All the Good and Beautiful Things I Want to Accomplish to Have an Ideal Christmas. It's a very demanding, unrealistic imaginary checklist. Where does this pressure come from? Answer: Me. Me and my dreamy, ambitious, nostalgic preoccupations. Sigh. At some point, and I would love for this to kick in real soon... at some point, I will resign myself to simple pleasures, small scale accomplishments, big waves of gratitude and appreciation, and quiet reflection on the things that matter most, like picnics with friends, cats napping on my feet, and twinkle lights.

Speaking of picnics, our December picnic was timed perfectly, between storms, and even though it was chilly, it was a gorgeous day. I cooked chicken and beans, so we had lots of hot food, and there was a lot of gaming, including Magic the Gathering, and Dungeons and Dragons, and other games, too. And Leslie and Ido brought a birthday cake... so sweet to celebrate our late Autumn birthday teens! Every picnic has been great, and unique. This was the picnic when we had a steady stream of arrivals, including one all the way from New York, and a surprise, too! I shouldn't get ahead of myself, but I enjoy this day so much, I am already eager for another picnic, with great weather, and great friends.

Monday, December 13, 2021

Real Quick!

I am only here for a minute! Our plates are full, and I really really need to get to some house-cleaning, and essential chores, and see those completed. But, I wanted to thank everyone that's taken a moment to leave a comment here. Comments and engagement always leave me feeling elated, a bit humbled, and a lot happy about connecting and relating, sharing, so thank you, friends. We have enjoyed some truly lovely moments since I last posted, and also my ear is much improved, which is a huge relief. Honestly, I feel a bit bursting to share some of the fun and novel things we've enjoyed. I could probably get myself worked up and worried about falling behind on the holiday checklist, and all that remains to be accomplished, but there is one trick up my sleeve that keeps me steady: Once school is out, as much as possible, we set the calendar down, and let things happen on our time. Christmas morning may be the 25th, but we will be festive whichever day is convenient, when we are ready, without feeling haggard and rushed. And in this way, whether or not we are opening gifts or whatever, we can approach our celebrations mindfully, with greater calm, and appreciation.

Ok! I am rolling up my sleeves, and diving into some house work. And when I come back here, I want to talk about friends, and celebrations, a picnic, and company, about happy coincidences, and rain and cold weather and shopping small businesses, and the thankful way I am feeling about the many things that are turning out fine, or better. I really do hope things are turning out fine, or better, for all of you, too.