Friday, April 29, 2005

Hats off to Belinda for another sweet and satisfying night out with the moms.

Rain kept me from horse riding, but no amount of rain, sleet, hail or snow could keep me from Mom's Night Out. B was our host last night. Her home is the place to be for a sunset dinner with friends... beautiful! We get together once a month and the timing always feels like "just in time." I look forward to the laughter and insights, the support, and the luxury of being fed and served by a friend happily giving her best. From the moment the invitation is opened I always know something special is coming and the feeling carries through from the first welcome hug to the last goodnight.

It was nice catching up, hearing the news. Linda insists we need to visit Costa Rica, and from her descriptions I am convinced we should go. We must prepare a cancer-free celebration for Janice. The five year mark comes in October. When I think of the fears and worries we felt, it makes me want to release an arm waving, joyous victory shout in her honor. There's more. And for a long moment I was looking around the table, and thinking of each of these women, including the three that couldn't make it last night, and I was in total awe. These women are exceptionally awe inspiring. Their work and play, their art and aspirations, dedication, devotion, generosity, kindness, accomplishments, skills... all of it is remarkable. It could be a little intimidating, but these women aren't competing, they are inspiring. They were sharing the depths and heights of their gifts and love. As I watched and listened, I felt the blessing of knowing them and it was a pleasure to hear more about their children, their plans, their dreams, their achievements.

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Maria's got the map.

It's mostly good around here, and it's mostly the same, which is one reason I haven't posted much lately. Still nursing and changing diapers. Still taking lots of pictures, cooking, washing and checking my email. We've been on a few nice walks lately. Maria is very happy when she is out in the world, looking up at trees. I have not been back in the saddle again, but I am going riding on Thursday. Also, Mom's Night Out is Thursday, which makes Thursday very atypical. We are still clueless about our future home state, and sometimes I am okay with that and most times it makes me frickin' nuts. It comes down to money... just kidding... it's really about jobs, housing costs, commutes, mosquitos, climate, schools, culture, quality of life, but I'm sure there's a place for us somewhere. So, mostly things are the same around here. What's new with you? What's the same?

Everyone needs a pad to call home.