Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Maria's got the map.

It's mostly good around here, and it's mostly the same, which is one reason I haven't posted much lately. Still nursing and changing diapers. Still taking lots of pictures, cooking, washing and checking my email. We've been on a few nice walks lately. Maria is very happy when she is out in the world, looking up at trees. I have not been back in the saddle again, but I am going riding on Thursday. Also, Mom's Night Out is Thursday, which makes Thursday very atypical. We are still clueless about our future home state, and sometimes I am okay with that and most times it makes me frickin' nuts. It comes down to money... just kidding... it's really about jobs, housing costs, commutes, mosquitos, climate, schools, culture, quality of life, but I'm sure there's a place for us somewhere. So, mostly things are the same around here. What's new with you? What's the same?

Everyone needs a pad to call home.

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Janece said...

You moving? I think I missed that.

Riding sounds wonderful -- I haven't done that for, unfortunately, years.

Sounds like our magical little girls have some common interests. Amira is unbelievably happy when out and about. Home wears on her and her mood can suffer for it - even though she is quite sweet and long-suffering. ;)