Thursday, April 18, 2019

April 12-17 Lucha Libre to Houston

April 12 ::

The field trip day for art class that finished with lunch at Lucha Libre.

April 13 ::

April 14 ::
Bluer and bluer. At the end of each day the progress Mike makes is notable and good.

April 16 ::

April 17 ::

And... Houston! Back in the beginning of the build season for Paradox and FIRST, I gave Maria an option... There are two regional competitions the team plays in during the regular season, and a third possible chance to play at Championships. Championships is not easy to get to, and has to be earned. So the choice I gave Maria was to travel to both regionals (San Diego, and Utah) or to go to San Diego and Houston... If they earned it. She put her faith in the team and opted for our local competition, and the gamble to go to Houston for FIRST World Championships. Her gamble paid off when FIRST 2102 Team Paradox earned the Engineering Inspiration Award.

I love that for the six week build season, and right up to through the matches at regionals, Maria would talk about When Paradox goes to Houston. Not "if." She knows her team has more than just spirit!

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