Monday, January 07, 2019

January 1-6

First day of the year 2019.

January 3 ::

New year and good intentions... they go together. For my birthday, Geoff gave me tool shop organizers for our art supplies.

January 4 ::

The last days of winter break. It never lasts quite long enough. And the weekend before school is back in session is dedicated to Kick-off: the 2019 FIRST game announcement and robotics build season. Back to FIRST Paradox robotics, after a 6 year break. Maria has been with the team, learning and helping, since summer, but now begins the intense season of designing, building and competing.

January 5 ::
And seeing dear friends again... Isaac, and Myron, with Maria.

Lots of new friends, too. I see David, John, Berend, Wayne, and Nick. I haven't met everyone, but we will all be getting to know each other better in the 4 months, and 4 years.

Nick checking out the hatch panel for Destination Deep Space.

And I get back to a familiar groove... sewing for robotics.

Max will be back to UCSD and his second quarter living on campus... where, sadly, there are no cats allowed.

January 6 ::

Kick-off weekend brings out more alumni and Paradox family... like Olivia, Stimson, Sandy, John, Myron, and Darrahl.

The team has a lot of rookie members and freshmen.

Olivia, Maria, and Stimson.

Keene, Natalie, Sarah, Maria, Katie, and Liam

And before everyone goes back to school, there's time for one more bit of fun... camping out in the newly framed art studio. Cozy!

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