Thursday, November 09, 2006

Exempt From Buying Paint

Don't think less of me. I'm allowed to make these kinds of statements: The bed is really, really green. Mexican Green. Shiny green. Bold statement green. Show me the green. I think it stands as a testament to how much Geoff deeply loves me, because he just keeps painting and he hasn't gasped, coughed, choked, gagged or vomited about how freakin' green the bed is. I thought I was choosing the right sheen, but it's exceptionally sleek. "Nothing will stick to it," Geoff offered. The paint may not stick either. We did sand the wood, but we are having flashbacks to some old doors we painted; after a short time the paint just sort dropped off in sheets. You might think this is an opportunity to share some pictures, to illustrate in digital splendor the greeness of the green, but I wouldn't want you to have to hassle with the color adjustments in your monitor, plus you may not have protective eyewear on hand. It's all good. We haven't added the red paint I bought for the trim... hehehehe... you may be thinking "Christmas?" I'm thinking... oh, who knows what I'm thinking...

No school mañana. YES! I'm almost ready to drop out. The boys are doing very well, but I don't blame them for feeling a little worn out from homework, projects, activities, here and there errands and the random, arbitrary commandments from teachers and staff. So, a three day weekend is most welcome.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

So, we got the paint bug, but it bit somewhere unexpected: We are painting our ancient bed frame. Ikea pine does not age too, too well, so Geoff decided we should get artsy fartsy with it. He sent me to The Home Depot to choose color and last night he and Max were sanding and priming. I warned Geoff that my color choices are always highly influenced by the season, so thankfully black and orange Halloween season is behind us, but I am definitely drawn to an autumnal, pre-Christmas palette. A random customer made an unsolicited gasp of rejection at my "very" green choice. White? Boring.
Blue? Cold.
Red? Too intense.
Brown? I'd wake up hungry for brownies.
Yellow, orange, pink or purple? Those would clash, even with our eclectic mix.
Swiss coffee? Been there, done that.
Green? Thoughtful, forest invoking color(as in "for rest"), compliments dresser and bedding... I'll let you know how it goes.

Monday, November 06, 2006

I think we are simply exhausted.

I bought groceries and made lunches, but I left out perishables... There's so much to do, just to catch up and I only seem to manage to fall further and further behind. I haven't communicated with Cristina, Holly or Jola, or confirmed plans for Thanksgiving. I never reached Grandma before she left for Colorado. It's time to take down the few Halloween decorations we put up, and make some attempt to assemble our bed. Geoff estimates that if we unpack 10 boxes a day, then we will be unpacked in 2 weeks... please don't do the math and call to tell us we have too much stuff. Even up to yesterday we had a moving truck. Have I ever mentioned we have a 700 lb "Discs of Tron" Arcade game, circa 1981? Oh, I guess that only fuels speculation that we might have too much stuff. Never mind.

Okay, allow me one little sort of pity party. Actually it's more regret than pity. Back at the Treehouse, Bob's new victims, er I mean tenants, have already painted most of the interior and thrown out all the ugly and tacky things that I chose to overlook. The new tenant "hated" the pink master suite, so he painted it a hip green. The downstairs is midnight blue and the entry is a sophiticated rum raisin red. Hey!! I hated the pink master suite first! I hated the ancient, faded, gross carpets too. 3 years ago when we moved in to the Treehouse it was totally a temporary situation, so I was not going to bother with the waste of painting or making it our own. And I lived with ugly walls and I missed ever having a decorated nursery or unscary carpets. I chose to endure yuck and 6 months became a year and two years slipped in to three years. So, have I learned anything? Can my frustration and regret evolve in to a life lesson? Does paint matter? Do drapes and functioning mini-blinds make a happier home? I am having deep thoughts on all of this. I know I can't fix the past and I really, really need to do better in the present. Garage Mahal may only be temporary, but this is my life.

Alright. Time to shut up and find a box to unpack. And if it seems like I have neglected you, my friend, I am sorry. And if you have suggestions for painting the mint green rag-painted wall in the living room please share with me.