Thursday, May 23, 2019

Peony Season

May 15 ::

I am wondering what defines a "season." Of course we have our seasons of the year... summer, fall, winter and spring. But just now I feel like making a point of recognizing more seasons. Sadly, we have started acknowledging Fire season, with those increasingly larger and more frequent fires we suffer in the West. But, no... I am thinking of watermelon season, when nearly any melon will be crisp and sweet, beach season, when the tourists have left but we are still having hot days, warm water, and plenty of daylight. Lilac season is fleeting and beautiful. Peony season, for us, depends on our Trader Joes bringing in regular shipments of these gorgeous blossoms, and we treat ourselves almost every week, maybe for an entire month.

May 16 ::

I want it to always be swing season, and kitty time, and art making season.

May 17 ::

Our teacher asked us to photograph each of our finished assignments, to email those to her. Our last day of oil painting class is coming up, and our works will be critiqued. I don't know if I will ever feel as comfortable with oil paints as I got with watercolors, but... objectively, and self-critically, I can admit that I learned a lot, and perhaps, it even shows in my paintings.

Quality time with Masaccio, while his family celebrates Andy's graduation from Boston College.

May 18 ::
Here they are, the five large paintings I completed for my first oil painting class. (Do I say "oil painting" too much? Sorry, if I do, but it's necessary. It was a challenging class, with layers and weight, with a burden that compels me to say "oil painting" just to convey the force and substance of the experience. I say this in a serious tone, but winking.)

May 19 ::
When the first petals fell, I was even more deeply infatuated with Peony Season. And I let them stay, and sighed every time I walked by them, thinking, Even as they fade, they are too beautiful to sweep away.

Masaccio and Paper Sack Season. He is deeply infatuated.

May 20 ::
The moon being brilliant, even through the lens of a cell phone camera.

May 22 ::

I think because my oil paints were put away, and the class finished, I felt the wide open and clear calendar space, mental and emotional liberty... and so I started rummaging through storage bins of old and unfinished projects, works in progress. I pulled out pieces that are at least 12 years old, and I think I just initiated Quilt Piecing Season.

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