Friday, September 21, 2007

Happy Autumnal Equinox Day!

I love this time of year. Love, love, love, love love. Love it. Yesterday I saw a leaf fading from green, taking on a merlot cloak, and it made me giddy.

We won't see many of the classic signs of Fall... no frost, no gold and crimson forests. There won't be many leaves falling in our yard. Around here, the clues that the season is changing are more subtle, or overtly commercial. No falling leaves, but gifts and tokens of kindness are falling all over. Blogger friends can take the chill out of any day. I was certainly warmed to the core when I found a little package from "Nikkipolani," a blog where gardens, photography and good cooking come together for inspiration and gratitude. Out of the blue... two books and scrumptious, healing lip balm were delivered to me. Surprise!

I wasn't going to share this, but the lip balm could not have come in a more timely fashion, because my lip needs healing. I was multi-tasking, and having only two hands, I employed my lips to hold the package of 3M Clear Mounting Squares I was using to hang a picture. When my hands were free I reached for the little pack of stickies and found that my lip was sticking to the package's own adhesive seal. No problem... I tugged slightly and YOW! my lip was stripped! The seal came away with a line of skin from my lower lip, and left it swollen and bleeding. It hurt, but I was still laughing, because it was so dorky.

Thank you so much for sharing these cheering and warm gifts with me. I think I will post some of the "Quilting" quotes. The little books are dear, and my coconut cream lip balm is making my lip, and ego, feel much better.

Tracy sent me a pair of earrings she made, and they make me happy to wear... I just love feeling like Norway is a little closer, and that I have a friend there too. Tracy you are a gem. Your craftsmanship and creativity deserve a standing ovation, and then you add your generosity and those kind words and hugs you send to everyone, and I feel amazed, grateful to know you, inspired to spread hugs too. How did I get so lucky to know you? And when I am overwhelmed with joyful tears I will reach for one of the tissues you sent, all hugged in the quilted holder... it's pretty, warm and thoughtful, just like you.

I know someone that I exchange favors with, who has become a friend, a very generous friend. Our sons go to school together, so we can help each other quite often. She and her son took (better) care of our cats while we were away. I think the cats must miss the lavish attention they get when we leave! Some days I give her son rides to and from school. I am happy to help her, and I cannot convince her that it's not a problem. She adds gifts to her thanks, like a gas card and flowers from her garden and homemade jam. Homemade strawberry jam! Now, we've brought them thank you gifts too, because it's such a relief to know our kitties are happy and safe while we are traveling, but I don't know if our gifts can compare with the sweetness of strawberry jam. Julie, you are too sweet!

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Paper, Cloth and Glue, Bits and Pieces

Max brought me out to the patio to see what he found in the garden. Bits and pieces of summer fading were sitting on a chair, and we named the flowers and found a caterpillar. A very tiny caterpillar.

And a fairy's lantern? This tomatillo stayed small, but the lampshade growing over the fruit captured our imaginations.

I believe you could find fairy lanterns hanging in the barn of my paper farm.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

It's Only Tuesday

When I leave comments on other people's posts I try to catch errors before I hit publish. But, of course, I don't always catch my little typos or poor word order. When I would leave a comment with bas bad spelling my body would be swept over with a wave of shame and embarrassment. I would fidget and feel panicky, and imagine that the host would realize I am terribly flawed and incapable of communicating effectively, properly. Now I don't care. It's so much better this way.

When I stop and consider that this year is slipping into autumn and that we are half-way through September, it stuns me. How swiftly time passes. It is inconceivable that we are approaching The Big Three (Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.) This morning it was cold. Cold. Maybe 62 degrees. Brrrrr, right? So, if I am so incredulous and alarmed by how quickly seasons come and go, then why do I grumble that it's only Tuesday? Why am I so anxious for it to be late Thursday, even Friday? What's my hurry? Where's the fire?

It was brought to my attention that we are "living Chickenblog," like it is some pervasive, all consuming entity. It kind of shut me up for a while, as I tried to gather their meaning or intent. I grin; this post probably only confirms their beliefs... which is what exactly? I'm still not sure.

Don't miss the fun! Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Oooh arggh mateys! The children and I were warming-up last night and making all possible pirate references we could think of. Then we decided to honor Robert Louis Stevenson by thinking up our very own piratey names. Us scurvy dogs were laughing and swabbing the poop deck all night! Max now goes by Marlin Bite and I might be callin' meself Scratch... say it aloud in a piraty voice. Cool, huh? What be yer pirate name?