Thursday, September 20, 2007

Paper, Cloth and Glue, Bits and Pieces

Max brought me out to the patio to see what he found in the garden. Bits and pieces of summer fading were sitting on a chair, and we named the flowers and found a caterpillar. A very tiny caterpillar.

And a fairy's lantern? This tomatillo stayed small, but the lampshade growing over the fruit captured our imaginations.

I believe you could find fairy lanterns hanging in the barn of my paper farm.


  1. Are you growing tomatillo?? I like your farm collage :-)

  2. Leave it to Max to bring you a fairy lantern, very special. Thinking of Alex, please send update.

  3. Oh!!!! EEEEEEEEEK!!!! WHEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I LOVE THE COLLAGE!!!! You simply must print that on to fabric and quilt it! That is so wonderful, Natalie! I love it! We used to grow japanese lanterns that were so fun and ornamental- and money plant too! I love Fall!

  4. I love this post and the accompanying photos. A fairy lantern, indeed. Lovely.

  5. Your collage is just breathtaking, as have been your posts generally of late -- just wonderful, wonderful stuff. I feel honored to have met you and to be able to see your name on my email in box to know you've been visiting me....


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