Saturday, June 05, 2004

It's opening day of Cheap Plastic Pool Season! It's a feeling that comes over me. A compulsion seizes my senses, and I must float. The beach is crowded, often times polluted, and too difficult to manage with three boys moving at different paces. There are no public pools. There is a private/club pool, but it lacks backyard spontaneity, and casual indifference to unfashionable bathing attire. This leaves no choice, but to scan the Target aisles for a cheap plastic pool. There are several options. I've been too spoiled by the real thing to settle for the molded plastic 6.99 variety, but the 15' Family Adventure Pool is a big commitment. Inflatable could be risky. There is another kind with stiff vinyl sides, but I'm not sure what size it comes in. Well, I doubt I could float in anything but the Family Adventure Pool, but 8'-12' could get us all cool and refreshed.

It's hot today, but June is a fickle month. We are more likely to have overcast days and foggy mornings until July, which means our pool will be a very cold puddle, attractive only to fallen leaves and mosquitos. But Cheap Plastic Pool Season never listens to reason! Geoff advises me to get the cheapest Cheap Plastic Pool; he knows it will be an algae coated eyesore by September. Point taken.

I'm a harmless dreamer. Just thinking about pool shopping has me so fatigued and nauseous I can't proceed.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

The truth is, there is not much in my life so uplifting or inspiring as the smiling sheep. I just love the hopeful look of contentment in that grin. I love the way he looks assured of good things to come.

Gag, I've been feeling wiped out and dragged about.

Toothbrushing...doing it, hearing it, thinking about, makes me want to throw up.

Max: Brush my teeth...
Me: No, mi'jo. You're a big boy. Brush your own teeth.
Max: You do it. You do it. You do it.
Me: I can't. It makes mommy barfy.
Max: Well, if you always feel barfy, then it won't matter if you brush my teeth anyway.

Just look at the sheep. He's got way more interesting stuff going on.