Thursday, June 03, 2004

The truth is, there is not much in my life so uplifting or inspiring as the smiling sheep. I just love the hopeful look of contentment in that grin. I love the way he looks assured of good things to come.

Gag, I've been feeling wiped out and dragged about.

Toothbrushing...doing it, hearing it, thinking about, makes me want to throw up.

Max: Brush my teeth...
Me: No, mi'jo. You're a big boy. Brush your own teeth.
Max: You do it. You do it. You do it.
Me: I can't. It makes mommy barfy.
Max: Well, if you always feel barfy, then it won't matter if you brush my teeth anyway.

Just look at the sheep. He's got way more interesting stuff going on.

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