Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Let's play with Google's translator. First English to Spanish, then back to English. Please ready aloud for maximum amusement:

"And here we are tomorrow of Christmas. We were for above in 6 and now it is almost noon. Maria still has gifts no opened. She is occupied piling up of the boxes of the light that came from their Tutu and Grampa Corm. Geoff has been who mounted and of reading of instructions from dawn. Alex constructed a dragoon already. Guillermo still is using his shirt of superman. The Maximum took to its transport its site and it has probably everything in sequence now. And I? I am trying to share it everything with you, the aunts and the uncles and the cousins and the friends and grandmas and grandpas, because the only thing that could be ed ***reflx mng tomorrow of Christmas more would be tenerte with us here. Thanks for the national geographic subscription, books and the CDes, for the collection ducky of rubber and the new cloth of the table, the sweater for Maria and the pretty wood marks (I have put pictures in them already) He is not everything on the presents, by all means. I am enchanting the collective alcohol, love and the will that east day drives of celebration and maintains the tradition and the joy to us together. La Paz May and the aclamation is with you everything with the New Year."

Guillermo and I are rolling.

Sunday, December 31, 2006

How do I manage it? How do I take simple tasks and botch them utterly and completely? This is a very bad day for Life to prove my incompetence, again.
I went to the template to add a new link. I've done it before, but today my programming skills made a mess of my links... I cannot understand why it should be so, except that Life is petty that way sometimes. I have two options, no, maybe three...

1. finish the bottle of wine Holly brought
2. Drop off Hans and Gretchen's Christmas presents before it's Easter
3. Crawl back to bed.
I found an interesting piece of mail this morning from Allison. She has a site about chickens: "Chicken Video..." another kind of Chicken Blog Some of you may recall that Chickenblog began when we were Jolly Green Ranchers, living in the country with our chickens and a tractor. I write about many subjects, but those 3 chicas and Sunshine, the surprise rooster, were always a source of happiness. Life takes many turns, the chicas are long gone, but some day I hope Chickenblog will return to the farm or to some rooftop city garden with free ranging city hens. The timing of Allison's email is interesting, because the chicas have been on my mind quite a bit. Going through the archives, I've had plenty of opportunity to remember how much joy and wonder those chicas gave me. This is a reflective time of year for me, when I am wondering about my life and how I am living it, and yesterday I was daring myself to go buy some chicks. We can't have hens now, not here. Sigh. Allison sells a bumper sticker that reads: "Wherever chickens are outlawed, only outlaws will have chickens." Tempting.