Thursday, November 20, 2003

Little road trips

Little road trips...since last weekend's road trip to Pasadena was such a success, we feel daring enough to make another, longer journey. We'll be heading for Mexico this week! This promises to be the sort of adventure worthy of National Geographic Explorers. 16 hours of driving will land us in a faraway land where the cows roam freely, the homes are adobe, and chickens sleep in trees. The Big Blue Whale has been tuned and scrubbed, and I am packing extra memory for the camera. What else? We should probably bring tunes, snacks, water...patience, a dictionary, jumper cables. Geoff and I are both Scout dropouts, but we did catch on to the "be prepared" motto.

We'll be out of touch and off the map for awhile. We will return with new tales to tell, photos to share, and ready for a restful month at home.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Julian Charms

Always charming, Julian in the Fall.

There is evidence of the fires, from the ravaged hills and valleys, to the relief center at Town Hall, from the conversations between shop keepers, and the signs posted everywhere: "Thank you fire fighters. We love you." And there are signs of healing too. Soft green grasses are coming up from the charred, black earth. It's a small indication of nature's cycle, but very impressive. And there were a lot of visitors in town. They were shopping and strolling, enjoying the sights. People were perceptively warmer, gentle, soft spoken; like friendly acquaintances visiting someone recovering from a bad accident.

Max and Alex left toys, clothes and money at the relief center. We had lunch at the Miner's Diner, then stopped at some of our favorite shops. We were Christmas shopping for family and friends. We found great stuff at the Wandering Sage. We skipped the pie at Mom's this time, but we did enjoy some hot apple cider.

William put his arm around my shoulders and asked to hear the stories he knows I like to share. We went to find Handsome Eddie and Eileen's home, and I held my breath until I saw it there at the end of the winding road. Still cabin-red, with manzanitas growing along the ditch and the stone steps climbing to the front porch, where Eileen used to wave us in from the cold. I stopped to listen for Asco, the black lab, and to recall the smell of the garden, the cellar, the pines. Faintly, I could hear Eddie laughing and hear his jovial and stern voice, telling us of miners and their lost treasures. He expected us to be good children and he praised us sincerely, with love. Eileen's voice is in my head and guiding my aspirations, feeding my soul to do good, be nurturing, make life welcome and celebrated. I put my hand on the railing and looked at the house, quiet and alone,

but too full of memories to ever be a lonesome place for me.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Grand Opening! Taqueria Baja Rocks Capitola!

***** Cinco Estrellas!

What: Taqueria Baja is under new ownership
Who: Bill and Alison
Where: 200 Monterey Avenue, #2 Capitola, California. The beach!

A void has been filled; with the grand opening of Taqueria Baja in Capitola, residents of Santa Cruz and Monterey counties can finally find authentic carne asada burritos, the best beans, and service that is muy bueno! Bill and Alison are the new owners of this charming establishment in the heart of Capitola's beach and shopping district. There are many reasons to visit Capitola, and all of the Monterey Bay, including the Aquarium, The Mystery Spot, The Buttery, and now that Bill is behind the counter and serving up tasty Mexican favorites, like tacos and burritos, you can count on not going home hungry. Bill is the guy with the friendly smile and soft heart, and Alison is his beautiful and supporting wife. Together, they are the team that make Taqueria Baja an awesome place to go for breakfast, lunch and dinner!