Thursday, November 20, 2003

Little road trips

Little road trips...since last weekend's road trip to Pasadena was such a success, we feel daring enough to make another, longer journey. We'll be heading for Mexico this week! This promises to be the sort of adventure worthy of National Geographic Explorers. 16 hours of driving will land us in a faraway land where the cows roam freely, the homes are adobe, and chickens sleep in trees. The Big Blue Whale has been tuned and scrubbed, and I am packing extra memory for the camera. What else? We should probably bring tunes, snacks, water...patience, a dictionary, jumper cables. Geoff and I are both Scout dropouts, but we did catch on to the "be prepared" motto.

We'll be out of touch and off the map for awhile. We will return with new tales to tell, photos to share, and ready for a restful month at home.

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