Thursday, July 15, 2004

Our dining table (the leg part).

Max sees things very differently. Because of Asperger's, we are often reminded that Max does not relate to us or his environment in a typical fashion. He is compulsive, rational to the point of being profoundly irrational, and he can seem annoyingly disconnected from what we perceive as reality. I have wondered how I might "see" what Max sees.

Last night I hung my camera around his neck and gave him a brief lesson in digital photography. He was enthralled. He took dozens of pictures and was very focused in his pursuit. Some subjects were photographed 5 or more times; he carefully made each shot progressively closer. Art is subjective, so are interpretations, but I think he reveals a lot about how he sees his surroundings and family.


Max's mom.

William's drawing model.
My mom thinks my last post was sad. She caught me off guard when we spoke, because she was extra concerned and wanted full disclosure about how I'm doing. She was worried, and I was already long past the minor whining I vented in my last blog. Yes, it is frustrating to know that my life is chaos, and that I haven't got the energy to accomplish everything on the to do list, so I gripe and moan a bit. But even when I am complaining, it is with a knowing grin. What do I know? I know I got myself in to this situation and I am happy I could. I know that messes get clean sooner or later, and then they get messy again. I know that in the whole wide world of possible problems, mine are very minor. I know that if I were really super hungry, sick, tired, or lonesome I could call a friend and find help. I know that my mom will always be my mom; it's nice to know that even from far away she stays very close.