Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Cat, Bunnies, Flowers, Friends

June 8 :: Paradox End of Year Party and Awards

The newly-elected team president is Katie K., and her family hosted an end of year party for the robotics team. It's always an emotional event... these students, and the mentors, bring so much heart and dedication to everything. "Everything" includes designing and building a competitive robot, wiring, and programming it, driving it, bringing it to competitions, planning events, mentoring other teams, and other leagues, finding sponsors, writing grants, organizing outreach events, keeping a budget, teaching new members, and strengthening the future of the team with practical lessons and fun. By the end of the year, or four years for the graduating seniors, the team is a family, and everyone feels proud, for what's been accomplished, and enthused for the new seasons ahead.

June 9 ::
When this picture came through from Japan, I think we all screamed with delight! Alex and Bambi have been seeing quite a few friends on the trip, but this is extra! Grant! He lives in Tokyo, and works as a teacher. Last August he brought some of his students here, to the Bird House. And now, Alex and Bambi are visiting him, in his... Nose House. That is his Halloween costume, actually.

What do you give the California guy who has everything? You bring him a taste of home! We should see about getting him regular deliveries of El Nopalito chips and salsa, because Grant will be in Japan until he's finished his master's degree.

Here's where I just stick in a picture of a chicken... to try and distract us from missing Grant.

Here's where I stick in a picture of my garden gone all to heck... to keep it real. After months of postcard beauty from this dear garden, it finally expired, seemingly overnight! And I started to clear it out, but didn't get too far. Have I mentioned my broken finger? Yeah... goats can bite, if you stick your hand in their mouth while they are eating. There's a story here.

June 10 :: The Cats, a Picture Essay, in 3 Hours

June 11 ::
We have become a bunny sanctuary. They're everywhere. If there's something terribly reckless about letting bunnies multiply and run all over the yard (because these days there's something terrible with just about anything,) please don't mention it. I want to see the world as a happy, hoppy, blissful bunny sanctuary.

Just bunnies, and whispy clouds over happy homes, and flowers. Lots and lots of flowers.

With help, the bed was cleared, and now fresh starts are tucked in. Corn, green beans, cucumbers, peppers, and lots and lots of flowers.

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