Thursday, July 01, 2004

A Goof and A Spoof

My clever William has translated the June 16th Chickenblog entry from English to Spanish, and back to English, using a Google tool. The device is fun, and the results are hilarious:

Whoa! It is one week since fixed any thing. Happy Birthday to send the account, Alex and Hans, and my breast, and soon to Julia and Phil. And the day of the flag so never is behind us, mind on that. I am having hours of the clarity, and moments of the ambition. I paid accounts, and I sent them. The maximum, Alex and I finish coming inside from a rustic food of impromptou. We separated a leaf through the turf and ate dozens of substantial red plum trees. We stretched our legs, and we shook bitter holes of the plum tree inside to the fence, and enjoyed simple pleasures. The account and Alison sent pictures of his kittys, Gracie and George bitty. They watch pretty and diversion incredibly. The breast has been sending pictures touching of its garden and coast of Oregon; where they are abundant the berries and the maturation, and the flowers are everything around. Ruth and Corm are working as hardly as always in their new home. They will move in this summer. I need to call Grandma Nancy, and I say to him that we are... I well I wish that we closest lived a whole portion to one another one. It wanted to fall close and it visits.

Here's the original:

Whoa! It's been a week since I post anything. Happy birthdays to Bill, Alex and Hans, and my Mom, and soon to Julie and Phil. And Flag Day is behind us, so never mind about that.

I am having hours of clarity, and moments of ambition. I paid bills, and mailed them.

Max, Alex and I just came in from an impromptou picnic. We spread a sheet across the lawn and ate dozens of juicy red plums. We stretched our legs, and tossed tart plum pits in to the hedge, and we enjoyed simple pleasures.

Bill and Alison sent pictures of their bitty kittys, Gracie and George. They look incredibly cute and fun. Mom has been sending tempting pictures from their Oregon garden and seashore; where berries are plentiful and ripening, and flowers are all around. Ruth and Corm are working as hard as ever on their new home. They will move in this summer. I need to call Grandma Nancy, and tell her that we are well...I wish we lived a whole lot closer to one another. I'd like to drop by and visit.

Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Home Quest Part Forty-Two

I made my first away from the children venture. First ever. In thirteen years I've never had a night away from them. So, on Friday I was on a plane to Kona. The best part was seeing Ruth and Corm's progress on their house. It's becoming a home, complete with all their tasteful touches and beautiful work. Soon they will be permanent residents, and I think the relief of being done with all the construction and commuting will make it all worth while to them.

Ruth and Corm in the Big Kitchen.

I was in Kona to see about a house we thought we might call home...the details are tedious (much waffling and debating and going back and forth.) The property is definitely far more of a fixer-upper than we had anticipated. After seeing photos, Geoff agrees that we would be undertaking a major project. We could get in to a place that is ready to go; we call it Wayne's World. It is sufficiently large, and has a view. It is dated, but not offensive. The drawback is that Geoff would miss the opportunity of having a "major project." This is very much a question of mangos or guavas. Both are good fruits, but distinct. This is one of those paragraphs that is not saying enough, and yet saying too much. Bottom line: we don't know what to do.

At the farmer's market in Honokaa: We spent a lot of phone time trying to keep Geoff updated on housing options.

So I came home Monday, happy to see my family and cats. Happy to hear about all their adventures while I was away. Happy to be missed. Happy to know that where ever we end up living we will be together.