Thursday, July 14, 2005

A Bit Chaotic...

Chaos week. No, not chaos... just slighlty more stress combined with summer heat and thoughts that keep me up too late. Plus my camera battery won't hold its charge, which for me is like living with a bad flu or a broken thumb.

Hey, my mommy is coming to town. Good news.
William and Geoff are enjoying success at their university extension course. Good news.

Tamsyn is back in USA. Great news for the children who have missed their good friend.

I can't think of going upstairs to turn on the stove, and the fresh fruit I bought is already consumed, so I think I will head over to Pipes and let them fix us a yummy surfer's feast. Then hopefully, fueled and pampered I will have the stamina to meet everyone's needs, answer the Big Questions, answer emails too, clean and sort, inspire.

How about that baby? She's joy. She's a light. She's on the move.