Saturday, July 30, 2011

Happy ~early~ Birthday Max!

Dungeons and Dragons
A real, delicious and moist cake
A GLaDOS sing-a-long
Steak and Pizza
A sleepover and big screen movie
Grandmas, cousins, friends, and revelers

It all adds up to a spontaneous, early celebration of Max's thirteenth birthday!


Well, almost thirteen. It's gone by fast enough. I want to savor these last few days before it's official.

Max has had quite a year. For one thing he grew. He is taller than his seventeen year old brother. He is taller than me! Maybe that is not so shocking to you, but still.

Reserved, and low key about a lot of things, it has been a pleasure to see him tackle new challenges, like when he took on sixth grade camp, or worked on building a T-shirt cannon. He is a diligent scholar, and a gentle boy.

I can't believe it's been a year since he met his kitten friend. I wish that I could protect Max from some of life's crueler heartaches, but he bears things well, and musters a lot of courage, everyday. In his own way, Max knows how to have fun, and I think this summer has been a golden opportunity for him to rest, create, recreate, and celebrate.

Big tool, gentle touch. Lighting birthday candles with a propane torch is an honor we reserve for children who are twelve years and three hundred and fifty days old.

Suki and Eli stepped into the hall for a moment so they could get their chords straight. A gamer-geek-Doctor party is not complete without a sing-along of Still Alive.

Yes, Suki is Aquawoman.
Why do you ask?

♩♫ This was a triumph.
I'm making a note here: huge success.
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction.
Aperture Science
We do what we must
because we can.
For the good of all of us... ♪♩♫

Huge Success!

Lucas and Eric built a gift box Tardis! It holds a gift! It is awesome enough on its own! It is sitting in a place of honor now.

This is pure Who joy. Max loves Dr Who. He eats fish fingers and custard. He wears a fez and bow tie... I think the Doctor actually picked that up from Max and Alex, who have been wearing fez and bow ties for years.

Lucas, Eric, Nick, and Eli gather around for the big reveal...

... and the Who joy is complete: a sonic screwdriver!

Max has not stopped using this all purpose device all week. It is source of happiness and philosophical reflection.

Wonderful friends, and beautiful family. Chocolate cake. Play. Music, and laughter. I hope Max has this, and more, all of his long and healthful life.

I love you Max, birthday boy.

Friday, July 29, 2011

{this moment}

A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
:: Idea from Soule Mama ::

If you're inspired to do the same, leave a link to your 'moment' in the comments for all to find and see.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Coming Soon

Friends! A pause in our revelrying to announce: tomorrow there will be a new post, with a picture.

In other news: we are loving Wisconsin and our generous hosts. Key words including: campfire, giant marshmallows, deer, "hikes," log splitter, Hodag, biscuits, fireflies, tornado watch, Victorian house, Summer Shandy, and low flying planes. The corn is tall. The trees are taller. Happiness is waking up in the Midwest.

(all typos pardoned when blogger is posting with two thumbs)

Leave comments! Someone is going to win some CHEESE!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Bikini Eyes and Birthday Wishes

Mermaid Cake!

I may be better known for my Hencakes, but I do like to challenge myself. I also like to amuse myself, which is surprisingly easy to do. Seriously... I am very easily amused. It's one of my finer qualities. Ah, but I digress. Or do I?

Maria thinks it is hilarious that I "put eyes on the mermaid's belly!"


Whole grain Mermaid cake, made with Bird House fresh, organic eggs,
and Love.
And humor.
It was delicious.

Happy Birthday Ruth!
I can't say there is a connection here, except I know you like to cook, and you have a sense of humor too! Here's wishing you another year of laughter, and fun in the kitchen!