Tuesday, August 31, 2004

How We Progress

Yesterday I had an appointment to check on Papaya and our common support system. Hemoglobin is good. Blood pressure is great. Nothing alarming about my urine. All is well, and I thought they would send me home after measuring my fundus (Isn't that a great word? It appeals to me, because it sounds buoyant and ready for a good time... never mind.) What I had not anticipated was having an ultrasound. We saw her healthy heart and a round bladder, strong legs, and to my surprise her "dainty and petite feet." The doctor agrees that her feet, though small, are strong. She kicked and squirmed through the entire procedure, and most of last night as well. She is doing all she is meant to do.

Remember how I have been patiently waiting for my surge of second trimester energy? Well! I have kept the kitchen clean for 3 consecutive days! My modest announcement would be a mark of shame for some, but I have the elated sensation of being like some kind of domestic goddess. If none of this seems worthy of mention, then either you live with a person that is superhuman and you should be profoundly grateful, or you yourself are superhuman and you probably cannot relate to most of my issues and dramas.

Geoff understands me, and he grins broadly when I announce with a flourish, "I cooked and cleaned!" Love that man.

And my children appreciate me too. No one batted an eye when I served sandwiches for breakfast, or made pancakes for dinner. "Mom's cooking," they must be thinking, "let's not disrupt this pattern of maternal caring."

Tomorrow begins our train board adventure. We have to be packed and ready quite early. My mom is waiting for us in Oregon, and she has lots of plans and good ideas. Alex and Max renewed the countdown and are giddy with anticipation. It will be amusing to note how many minutes into our journey we'll be, before Max asks "Are we almost there?"

We wish Geoff were coming with. It is the time of year when game programmers must show their work to producers and their minions. He'll stay home, and at the office. He'll call us a lot, and want to know what we've seen, what we are doing, and how everyone is feeling. The cats, Chango and Diego, will wait for him by the front door and throw themselves at his feet for the affection they so desperately need. He will probably feed them prohibited morsels and tidbits and they will purr gratefully. And when we return, and he meets us at the station, we will throw ourselves at him for his love and attention, which we will have missed very much.

Now to the packing! I must make the decision to either pack for the unusually warm weather, and then be cold and rained on. And of course, I could haul coats and mittens and enjoy the continuation of a late summer heat wave. Toss up. I will pack bribes and incentives for William, Alex and Max, and my favorite pair of socks. And I must not forget camera, chargers, drawing paper, and patience. All aboard!