Monday, April 12, 2004

Mac goes back. All the weeks at intensive care did not bring a full recovery. I am feeling strong symptoms of withdrawal, since I cannot play with iPhoto etc. Also, this machine has very poor internet connection, so I am often cutoff from the world. I am concerned that I will have to wait a very long time before I can play with my dear Mac again.

I wish I could post Easter pictures, especially from our trip to Pasadena. We had a very nice visit with Becky and Dan, Debbie, Tony, Julie, and Grandma. As I mentioned before, Easter finds me unprepared, and even though Max and I decorated Styrofoam eggs and he painted his pinecones, I did little else to mark the occasion. Thank goodness for my cousin Debbie. She made cute goody bags filled with candies. She hid eggs in the garden. Aunt Becky's home was full of Easter touches, like bunnies and lilies, and she had chocolate bunnies for the boys. I think the boys enjoyed the thrill of the hunt and the pleasure of being with family for a comfortable and warm visit. I certainly appreciated the delicious lunch, playing scrabble and just sitting quietly together.

Our other fun Easter get together was at Holly, Rich and Nicholas' home, with James and Deanne, and Kristin, and Gloria, and several of the was a big time Easter brunch and egg hunt. Holly can't call herself an uncook any more. She is a cook. She prepped, and she took orders and made individual omelets, and a variety of pancakes. Again, my boys had all the pleasures of a really lovely gathering with beautiful decorations and a great variety of food and treats, and I did little or nothing to make this happen. Maybe next year I will set some ceramic bunnies on the dining table. Maybe not.

Okay. It's time to look ahead. It seems like today I have been too caught up in thinking of all that I cannot accomplish, because of the Mac being gone again. Time to re-group, form a new plan. Tomorrow is the first day of a new art class for William and Alex, plus a private Taekwondo lesson for William. We need to pick up drawing supplies from the materials list, and I have to sew on one more uniform patch. Also, must pick up Tamsyn from school. Wednesday there is a parent meeting for the therapy class Max and I are starting, plus tennis, and my gym time...

Yup. When I don't get to sit at the computer organizing photos and deleting spam, suddenly there are more hours in the day to fill with stuff. I sure do miss my Mac.

Sunday, April 11, 2004

Mac is back. We are just getting reacquainted. They have new settings and other minor changes that are throwing me completely off balance.

Happy Easter.

Time to hit the Bunny Trail.