Saturday, April 08, 2006

On the radio today...NPR : Music for Kids That Even Parents Might Love

and also NPR : For Hirsch, Reading Poetry Is Fundamental

Ideas for my summer:

1. Host a backyard Miyazaki Film Festival
1.5 Get a backyard
2. Buy a guinea pig
3. Buy 3 chickens, a guinea pig and a cockatiel
4. Take extension courses and become a master gardener
5. Drive somewhere new and soak up the scenery
6. Make another quilt
7. Paint
8. Live in an RV
9. Write a novel about mediocrity and general laziness... maybe not
10. Swim whenever possible
11. Finish slide shows on iMac
12. Embrace a style of living that shuns material wealth, penchant for home ownership, stability, decorator fabrics and *life coaches.*
13. Clean the van really good.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Anti-Pesto where are you? 'Monster rabbit' munches vegetable patch...
Remember the scene in Star Wars, when Luke has to hit the sweet spot on the Death Star, so that there can be a happy ending, and he's nearly out of time and the Imperial fighters are on his tail, and the tension is mounting? It's like that, or maybe more like the last 100 miles of a 2,453 mile roadtrip when everyone needs a shower and a nap, the car smells *off* and you are in heavy traffic. Almost there. Almost there. If only we had an Obi Wan voice-over assuring us.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

If I tried to explain or describe our lives it would be either too boring or way too much back and forth, upside down, in and out information, which could also be boring. Let's just say we are deep in to job hunting mode and it's really, really, really stressfull... kind of like rattlesnake juggling, or jogging on the Santa Monica Freeway. Oh, speaking of Santa Monica, we were there 2 times last weekend (no small feat with four children.) Here are the happy pictures I took with the children, while Geoff was being grilled alive at a studio.

The Promenade, where we mingled with paparazzi and the homeless.

The Santa Monica Pier was a treasure trove of sights and sounds.

We had 4 hours to spend, so we played with wild abandon.

Max loves miniature golf, so he could hardly pass up the chance to play over the Pacific, under a blue, blue sky.

I may create an all carousel photo album for Maria. This merry-go-round is very old and very lovely, and Maria said "Oh, Weee!" all the way around.

And Geoff? He survived the grilling. Tomorrow he flies to San Francisco.
May the Force be with him.