Saturday, April 08, 2006

On the radio today...NPR : Music for Kids That Even Parents Might Love

and also NPR : For Hirsch, Reading Poetry Is Fundamental

Ideas for my summer:

1. Host a backyard Miyazaki Film Festival
1.5 Get a backyard
2. Buy a guinea pig
3. Buy 3 chickens, a guinea pig and a cockatiel
4. Take extension courses and become a master gardener
5. Drive somewhere new and soak up the scenery
6. Make another quilt
7. Paint
8. Live in an RV
9. Write a novel about mediocrity and general laziness... maybe not
10. Swim whenever possible
11. Finish slide shows on iMac
12. Embrace a style of living that shuns material wealth, penchant for home ownership, stability, decorator fabrics and *life coaches.*
13. Clean the van really good.

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