Friday, May 21, 2004

We ran out of shampoo. Completely without suds, and I had the clarity to see the solution and take action. This may, to those unfamiliar with 24 nausea, seem like little reason to get excited. It is perhaps a very small breakthrough, but I feel a subtle rush of pride when I think of how I went to Target and bought shampoo. I felt strong enough to buy maternity bloomers, dental floss, cat food, and two cushions for our outdoor chairs. Trust me, I am not too boastful. I know this isn't one of those inspirational Lance Armstrong kind of stories, but in my own way I have stepped in to the light, and I have crossed a finish line. We will be clean! That is all. I need to lie down now.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Okay. It's Tuesday.

Julie, I found the letter you sent me almost a month ago, and I loved reading it, and I even imagine answering it someday. It's a real letter, in an envelope. It came in the mail.

Debbie, I hear there's a change in plans. Sounds like a lot to figure out. I hope you guys come up with a happy and comfortable plan. mind works this way these days: I have deep thoughts and marvelous ambitions, and my intentions are good too, but action is not forthcoming. I made breakfast and feel triumphant. I showered, and kept my breakfast; another success. In a moment I will force the boys to produce pages of arithmetic, and elaborated sentences, while I sit in a chair by the open door. I cannot account for where the days go, but the minutes are quite lengthy. I think of the people I love, and how I want to visit them, chatting endlessly about anything. I think of how badly I want to replace the carpet in our bedroom, and shift the computer desk and sideboard, so we can make room for Max's big boy bed. It takes a great deal of faith and some surrendering to get through morning sickness. Soon, it will be a Tuesday again, and I'll be feeling better. I may drop by and visit with you.

Monday, May 17, 2004

Nothing new. Still feeling fetid and light headed. Yesterday I had fruit and some spinach omelet for breakfast, and lost it. I had albondigas with vegetables and broth for lunch, and lost it. I had a homemade broccoli and crab quiche for lunch the sequel, and lost it. By dinner time I managed to eat one third of a turkey hot dog with tons of generic yellow mustard. Mmm mmm good.

Okay, so this is all rather gross and demoralizing. How about reader contributions? Send some gossip, chisme, news, my way. Pass a joke along, or a very meaningless link to something shallow and humorous.