Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Okay. It's Tuesday.

Julie, I found the letter you sent me almost a month ago, and I loved reading it, and I even imagine answering it someday. It's a real letter, in an envelope. It came in the mail.

Debbie, I hear there's a change in plans. Sounds like a lot to figure out. I hope you guys come up with a happy and comfortable plan.

..my mind works this way these days: I have deep thoughts and marvelous ambitions, and my intentions are good too, but action is not forthcoming. I made breakfast and feel triumphant. I showered, and kept my breakfast; another success. In a moment I will force the boys to produce pages of arithmetic, and elaborated sentences, while I sit in a chair by the open door. I cannot account for where the days go, but the minutes are quite lengthy. I think of the people I love, and how I want to visit them, chatting endlessly about anything. I think of how badly I want to replace the carpet in our bedroom, and shift the computer desk and sideboard, so we can make room for Max's big boy bed. It takes a great deal of faith and some surrendering to get through morning sickness. Soon, it will be a Tuesday again, and I'll be feeling better. I may drop by and visit with you.

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