Friday, November 03, 2006

2006 Halloween in a New Home

Okay, okay. I'll skip all my drama about last minute hauling and doing the final walk through with Bob the landlord, but if you want to hear the full story please call me. I have plenty left to whine about.

Now, let us move forward with the rest of our lives. Did everyone have a fun Halloween? We got our stuff together and enjoyed a full day of tricks and treats. There was a carnival and parade at school, and Alex's friend Mitchel came here to trick-or-treat. Geoff even managed to hang black lights. Max was a stealthy Ninja. Alex was an invisible man. William was a skull faced teenager, and Maria of Oz helped her daddy pass out candy.
So sweet. Maria sometimes cries when we drop off Alex and Max at school. She loves her brothers a lot, and they love her too.
Here they are, ready to meet the neighbors!

Right now my very awesome repairman is fixing the washer and dryer. Both machines went on strike when they were moved in to their new, smaller, darker laundry room. Can you blame them?

What else? Oh, we lost two very small little dooditties from our 11 year old Ikea bedframe. Last night I made the trip to Ikea and asked if they could spare me some dooditties. They cannot. Apparently 11 years is ancient and those tiny, little, seemingly insignificant, yet highly necessary parts are no longer made. Uuhh, so now what? Geoff is thinking he can drill some holes and slap the whole thing back together with screws.

Repairman left. All is well and I can now clean clothes at home again. It's been a long month without my cleaning machines.

Have I let you all know our new address? Didn't think so. I gotta get on that. There's lots to do...

Monday, October 30, 2006

No, we aren't moved in yet. We aren't moved out yet either. It's down to the wire, as usual. Everything hurts. I feel pulled in every direction. Tomorrow you may find me cleaning an oven and trying to spot treat carpet, or possibly trying make three Halloween costumes complete. The entire month has been dedicated to packng and moving, and I was almost Martha-like in my success at keeping the new home organized, orderly and pleasant to be in, but that has gone to pieces and now there's no place like home... meaning we don't feel homey here, or there or anywhere. Too bad I never want to move again.

I dreamt that someone was selling me fertilized hen eggs for $5.08 and that we were going to raise just two little hens here at Garage Mahal. The dream was realistic enough for me to fear the landlord's wrath, and real enough to wake me with a powerful chicken longing. Sigh.