Monday, October 30, 2006

No, we aren't moved in yet. We aren't moved out yet either. It's down to the wire, as usual. Everything hurts. I feel pulled in every direction. Tomorrow you may find me cleaning an oven and trying to spot treat carpet, or possibly trying make three Halloween costumes complete. The entire month has been dedicated to packng and moving, and I was almost Martha-like in my success at keeping the new home organized, orderly and pleasant to be in, but that has gone to pieces and now there's no place like home... meaning we don't feel homey here, or there or anywhere. Too bad I never want to move again.

I dreamt that someone was selling me fertilized hen eggs for $5.08 and that we were going to raise just two little hens here at Garage Mahal. The dream was realistic enough for me to fear the landlord's wrath, and real enough to wake me with a powerful chicken longing. Sigh.


Janece said...

Did I tell you that I've been smitten by chickens recently? We went over to some friends and they had about 8 BEAUTIFUL chickens wandering around their property. It made me want our own. I'm going to refrain though... you remember those coyotes that live up on the ridge, yes? I don't want to provide them a free buffet. :s

Hang in there with moving. I remember all to clearly how much I hate moving. My thoughts are with you.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry--the stress of moving will fade just in time for the stress of the holidays!

Hang in there, Chica.