Wednesday, July 26, 2006


How hot is it? It's so hot we eat watermelon for dinner then run in the sprinklers before bed. It's so hot we actually enjoyed taking the car to be serviced and waiting several hours for it... in the air-conditioned lobby. Well, it has cooled down a bit. Any other time today's temperatures would be complaint worthy, but compared with yesterday, it is an improvement. Here I present photo evidence of our sumptuous feast

A big melon fan, Max is always ready to eat watermelon.

Another fan. Alex may dream of guavas, but he is happy to have cool, crisp watermelon, and he eats it right down to the rind!

Speaking of rind... Maria loves fruit too, but she's still working on her technique.

Ahh! That's much better.

And would you believe? Yes, Chango, who also loves raw pumpkin, had his share of the buffet too.

What do you do to keep cool?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I know that all four of you that read Chickenblog are sick of hearing about the heat... except Tarie, who is surviving Philippine winter. But what else can I write about? I've had my second shower of the day, and one hour after my last shower I am sweat soaked and funky. Gross! But most of you know what I mean, because the whole continent seems to be suffering the same cruel fate. Hot. Hot. Hot. Thank God we aren't in Phoenix, or Barstow or even ten miles east of here. Last night our house was 88 degrees! Blecchh...

Tonight is MNO, and it's an invite to swim and dine. If your swim suit was so old that it was frayed in the butt what would you do? Too late to shop. Should I pull up Geoff's trunks and cinch the cord under my arms? Should I sit demurely, and decline a dip in Yanina's deep, cool pool? Sigh. There's more to this topic than I care to admit.

Oy. I want to say something deep and meaningful here, but sweat has seeped in to my skull and shorted-out brain connections.

Monday, July 24, 2006

We are busy, busy people.

I don't know how we manage to get ourselves from point A to point B, but we do it and we even stop at Comic Con along the way! Fortunately we chose to show up at the conference on Thursday; as crowded as it was, nothing compares with the crowds that showed up on Saturday. By Saturday we found a charger for my camera, so Geoff, Will and Alex took freak 'n' geek pictures... too bad the camera was out of comission when we met Ray Harryhausen, and other greats in the art world. Okay, be honest, have you heard of Ray Harryhausen? How about Ray Bradbury? We have been stunned by how many people have no idea who these geniuses are. Harryhausen's work may be somewhat specialized, but it's fundamental to movies, video games and even popular culture in general. You don't have to be a geek to know their work.

Or how about Robbie the Robot?

Sometimes it feels like trouble just finds us.

It's still hot, and perhaps even more humid.
We revived our housing search; no changes.
Max finished his week at camp and did very well.
Alex and Will are at camp again this week, learning C++.
I cleaned the Odyssey.
Maria says: puppy, chi-chi, kaka, cooookie, pretty, meeeow, baa-baa, woo-woo, naynoo (thank you,) mama, dada, Nannie (Natalie,) agua, nana(banana,)
and many more chirps, whirrs, beeps, squeals and squawks.