Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Thoughtful Consumer

Sometimes I wonder whether I am being thoughtful, or simply over thinking, perhaps obsessing. Maybe you can help me... either make a reasonable decision, or obsess.

Last night I was changing our bed sheets. I am very close to fully accepting that we need new sheets. We are down to one set, with some small tears, and a top sheet that that I bought... mmmmm, in 2001. Seems like just when the flannel is worn to a perfect softness and has become comfortingly familiar, that's when it gets thready and shreds, badly. I have been known to "patch" sheets, but, it's not a guaranteed thing, and really ugly..


You know what? I think I am definitely definitely over-thinking and obsessed. Our sheets are flippin' old and practically in tatters, and it's time to buy new ones.

September 2003, when we lived in the country, and had our first chickens... our El Rancho days.

Same for the quilt. It too was purchased in 2001, and it's so frayed and worn, I don't think it will hold through another wash!

What am I going to do? Seriously... it's very distressing to me, for one reason: I love this quilt, and I can still conjure the joy of ordering it, having it on our bed, appreciating the prints, it's weight, how nicely it fits on our bed. I love this quilt! The other reason I am concerned is that it's really quite large, and too far gone to donate, and throwing it away feels like a terrible waste of materials. It's very heavy. If I repaired it, it would have to be a matter of using the whole thing as the batting of a whole new bed cover, and that would make it even heavier... too heavy for our washer, I am sure.



Do you know what's going to happen? I am going to be fixated on this, and the quilt will stay on the bed long past a reasonable time, while I try to come up with an ethical, environmentally, economical and aesthetically gratifying solution. And buying sheets will take me forever, too, unless I see the perfect print, on sale, at Target.

Me, thinking about shopping for bedding.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Our Fall Colors

Not my garden, but definitely inspiration and goals! I saw all of these on a walk... a slow walk. It's been a slow week. And I almost cancelled all of my plans, but fortunately, I got some physical therapy, and helpful suggestions for pain management. Adjusting my sails, and rethinking everything, helped me regain some peace, and sense.

When I couldn't paint big, I went back to some old works and added a little color.

Happiest of all, I decided I would not cancel the picnic we had planned. When "life happens," and there are setbacks to our health, disruptions, it always make me especially sad to forego the good stuff, and skip on happy plans. I had invited everyone to bring their own lunch, meet us at the park, and hang out. I reasoned that there was so little for me to do that it would be a shame to call it off. I brought pillows and a blanket and the conviction to relax and take it easy... and I could not be happier about that decision! We shared beautiful weather, surrounded by trees, and hints of the season, with laughter, some crafting, a bit of pickle ball, lots to eat, and a darling pup (Hello, Akira! Everyone loves you, Akira.) Geoff rode his bicycle over, and there were trees to climb, a turtle crossing, shade and sun, great talks, and great company. With each family bringing their picnic, and all the sharing, no single person was carrying the load. In the end, I felt invigorated and ready for another picnic! Maybe it was the forest bathing? For sure it was easy quality time, face to face with friends, that set my mind and heart right for the week ahead.



Amira and Maria, building fairy houses and ships~

With Leo, too~


Geoff, Leslie, and Ido~

Carol teaching Bex how to sew French knots~

Michael and Grace~

Natalie, Stacy, and Diana~

Simon, Ido, and Leslie~

Lucas, Diana (crocheting F-bombs!... I need a tutorial), Akira, and Geoff~

Corey and Max~

Maria, Corey, and Max~

Now... the thing is to remember that this was easy and totally worthwhile, and that I should not let 2 years go by, again, before having another meet in the park picnic with friends.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Here, Again...

Edited, October 15.

Did I overshare? Maybe, and not for the first time. Thank you for giving me space to vent a bit. And if you left a comment, please see my response and gratitude in the comments.

Tuesday, October 01, 2019

Dear Chango

We don't really know when he was born. He and his brother, Bongo, were found in an abandoned car, and were too young to adopt right away. Starting in May, 2000, I would take William, Alex and Max to the shelter and we would visit the kittens we were adopting. We celebrate all of our cat's birthdays on April 1. Chango lived an adventurous, healthy, loved and loving life. We are sad about his passing.

We shared memories, familiar and favorite stories, and we cried. It's never easy, is it? How could it be? He's one of the family, and we love him. And we are thankful for the long and memorable life he shared with us, for the pictures and stories we can recall, and revisit...

March, 2003... Chango and Diego, from our days living on a couple acres, under a big, blue sky. Chango loved his country home, with Nena, and our first chickens, and all of those gophers!

October 2003... Already 3 years old. All of his baby pictures were on film. Scan photos is on a list of things to do.

June 2011... I was impressed when he was 11 years old. Now that seems a long time ago.

December 2011... am I romanticizing things, or were he and Benjamin Franklin Thundercat good pals? I miss those two.

April 2014... a 14th birthday celebration for Chango, and Mister Washburn Foo's first birthday. Now, I am really sad.

October 2015... Chango only got sweeter, more trusting, more quirky with age. We began thinking of him as a Grandfather, our Grandfather. He was so easy to love.

January 2016... almost 16 years old, and slowing down, but as dear as ever.

June 2016... this was when we had all those cats, and it couldn't have been more fun. We loved these days with Foo, and Chango, and the new baby, Cairo.

March 2017... with each passing year, we raised our affection and doting. We were so lucky to know him, our old man cat.