Thursday, January 25, 2024

So Nice!

Thank you! I never imagined anyone was going to find me here, at least not for a while. So, it was a nice welcome back to get comments.
Did I ever mention a big construction project? Really big. I may not have got into it. (Whoa! I did mention it actually. Of course it was ages ago.) Wow. Coming in here, at the 11th hour, everyone can breath a sigh of relief because I have spared us all of my trauma drama. Deconstructing a pool, digging septic pits, adding septic tanks, rerouting electrical and plumbing, moving out-buildings! The logistics and orders of operations, the crews, and equipment, dust, mud, noise! And for what? We are completing an accessory dwelling unit, aka a "granny-flat." It has been in the plans for 7-8-9 years, developing, evolving, falling apart, coming back into shape. Even its purpose has had a million iterations, and it will like change again, and once more. But first and foremost, we have created more living space, and that is a good thing, for the 7 of us, for whatever the future may hold. We have built options!
Here we have the kitchen, and the cabinets that Mike built. After the foundation, framing, and roof were complete, he came to do everything else, which is a lot! This is a two room house, with a bathroom and a powder room, a utility hall, a covered front porch, and wood floors, and arched niches. I love arched niches. This last picture is from Maria, who sweetly endured my angst and waffling through paint chips. She took each of my paint choices and digitally painted them on her iPad. It was, essentially, a Blue vs Green debate for the kitchen cabinets. And, can you tell? Maria and I were in Sweden last summer! Folkpainted furniture is unequivocally my everything.
Green is our winner! Incidentally, the house is green, too, with brown trim and some stone siding that goes about half-way a quarter-way up the front. Essentially, my design goals have been to create a place that might be found in a California State Park. A cabin in the woods, near the ocean, or a creek. Something with rustic hints, and homegrown charms. Blues, greens, browns, stone and tile and wood, and arched niches.
Here is just about where we are today. Mike went home for winter, and when he returns, we have some things to finish, including doors, trim, baseboards. Today I am meeting with two contractors, who will give me estimates on kitchen counters. That job was supposedly going to be taken care of, but I am being ghosted, and have had to start all over. And the doors? The doors is a whole other story! Don't ask me to say anything nice about Home Depot.
Here is something very nice! This is how things looked in July, last summer. That was just about a year into the start of this... the physical labor, messy start. It's been a journey!


angela said...

It looks lovely. I’m sure in the end it will be worth all the dramas.
But you can’t go back. Only forward to the finish line

Anonymous said...

WOW! That is a lot of work, but looks great. More motivation than I have, at the moment. Excellent job, tho!

Gretchen Joanna said...

That's amazing! I can almost smell the sawdust, and it's exciting. And the colors! Beautiful greens, just beautiful. No wonder you had to take a break - my goodness, what a project.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Ah, the sawdust, and dust of every kind. But I do love the smell of cut lumber! Mike can't be here today, as planned. He happens to be snowed in, with more weather coming. I have determined, all along, to not tie this to a date. The finish will come when it comes, I remind myself.