Friday, September 30, 2011

{this moment}

A single photo - no words - capturing a moment from the week. A simple, special, extraordinary moment. A moment I want to pause, savor and remember.
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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Night of The Tempest

In August we saw a production of The Tempest, in Balboa Park. It was in the same theater where I used to work summers, where Geoff started working so we could date... that was a dear, long, time ago. Twenty-nine years, a marriage, and a few children later, we finally returned. What a treat it was.

We read the play, first a translation, then the original, and finally an illustrated version.. for good measure. It's nice to have the lay of the land when approaching Shakespeare, and The Tempest was a new play for us. Now it is a favorite play. The Globe gave us an exceptional experience. Or as Suki put it, "Thank you for the Shakesperience.

Before the theater we enjoyed a dinner out. Beautiful setting.

Such a fun evening, dressed in our pretties. The play was outdoors, and the evening was cool, so we all had coats and a few wraps. Our seats were a bit far to one side, but close to the stage. After intermission we slipped down even closer, since there were empty seats. Maria was riveted. She still pours over the graphic novel, recalling the characters and events she saw unfold before her.

Balboa Park is a gem, a place that holds a lot of dear memories. It's an ideal place to visit, no matter your budget. Theater tickets are a luxury, but there is always something theatrical and entertaining going on, and much of it is free. A picnic alone, surrounded by these historic buildings and lovely gardens is worth the visit.

Maria wore the dress Caia gave her, and a necklace her Grandma BooBoo made for her.
Slowly, it is dawning on me that she is not a baby. I know. About time. And she is well beyond toddler-hood. I am not in any hurry to rush things along, but suddenly "almost seven" is seeming like a big leap forward.


Ariel, the one who does all of Prospero's bidding, had blue hair. They noticed Suki. Toward the end, when they were taking bows, some of the characters definitely had their sights on pretty Suki and her sea-foam blue hair. I liked that moment. Live theater is like nothing else. It is dynamic. The energy carries, in both directions.

I would love to see some more productions at the Globe. A summer Shakespeare tradition would definitely be a treat. And I am reminded that we have our holiday outing to look forward to. It's probably not a bad idea to start thinking about that... Holiday Pops! And family. And brunch. This will be our fourth year.

Speaking of traditions! We had not seen this pose in quite awhile. Now I am remembering our Beanerina, all over Europe!

All of these images were sitting in my iPhone, which I sync-ed today. I love my iPhone, and all the happy memories it keeps for me.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Don't Touch, That Squirrel's Nuts!

How do you write about being stressed-out, overwhelmed, sick, something of a wreck, kind of nuts, while being interesting and engaging?

Should one even share they're nuts?

Squirrel Friend: Hey, how are you?

Squirrel with Nut: I have been sick for three weeks, and spent the other night coughing hideously, and not sleeping. Everywhere I turn I see messes, projects, chores, and messes. My favorite ratty-rat in the whole wide world died. Oh, Pepper. I just noticed I may have been eating too many nuts, and I feel ashamed of my ready for winter body image. I have not found the courage to say a proper goodbye to our dear friends, who are moving too far away. The school district has decided to add online courses to the mix, and it is annoying. I paid money for a horrible SAT Bootcamp, that turned out to be unbelievably useless and offensive. I never rarely see my friends. I haven't been to my mom's in three years. The car, the dying one, is still dying, and unless I get it fixed tomorrow, I am going to be riding the bus. Two schools want whooping cough immunization records, and none of the children's cards are where I left them. I have too much crap stashed away in my hollow tree, and all I really want to do is sit by a cozy fire and make holiday ornaments.

Squirrel Friend: Are you nuts?!

Squirrel with Nut: Oh.
Well. Yeah.
I may be nuts.

Squirrel Friend: K. Well, you're sort of freaking me out, and also this is kind of boring. But, I understand, so go on. Tell me more, and I will try not to fidget nervously, or look at my smart phone, willing it to ring.

Squirrel with Nut: Look at my tail. Seriously. What is that all about? It's all spaZtic and fried looking. My toe is broken. Yup. Since the fourth of July I have been gimping along on a broken toe, and if I move it or touch it the wrong way it hurts. I have been seething, and appalled, at the death and destruction caused by people talking on their cell phones while driving. Who chooses to be so careless? I cannot muster the discipline to put papers in order, to face the duties of modern life, and the stress is making my thoughts gnaw away at my soul. I might have a teeny-tiny Boggle-Ap addiction, but I don't want to discuss that.

Squirrel Friend: I have nothing. To say.

Squirrel with Nut: Wait! Come back! There's more! I am not asking you to solve my problems, just tell me I am not actually nuts! Maybe you happen to know of a reliable, safe tail-hair tonic, something over-the-counter? Do you think I should trim it? Maybe I just need a nap, or a vacation. I know... the messes are a problem, and I should be be doing more, and asking more of the other squirrels. Hey! Look! I just found the camera battery charger! That's one from the list. I can check something off the list! This could be a sign. Thank you. Thank you for listening. I think this has been beneficial, our little talk. I am going back to the tree, to see what else I can clear up.


Every night we hear the whoo owls, sometimes three whoo owls.

Every morning I think: "I love those owls. I love our Bird House."