Saturday, January 14, 2006

My Life As An Opera?

Let's see... William is watching Phantom of the Opera. Max is alternating between the movie and magnetic darts. Alex is writing code for a game editor. Maria is looking for more to explore. Geoff is working at restoring an old laptop. I am avoiding any number of chores and responsibilities; I am doing a very good job, thank you. We all seem to have found new colds, but I am determined that these will be minor illnesses that will amount to nothing but waste baskets full of Kleenex. And I am updating Chickenblog.

While I was brushing Maria's hair, separating strands from banana, I imagined that I had many new thoughts to share, insights, wit and poetry. Alas. I've already bored everyone with my lavish descriptions of our Katamari fun; there was only one taker, and I think it may have been more out of concern than interest. I've already discussed chapter 42 of "We're Moving, We Know Not Where," a true story of drama in the suburbs; also boring. That leaves the weather and plans for Geoff's birthday: It's raining, rather pitifully. Geoff won't accept the utter bliss of having a surprise 40th birthday party thrown in his honor, so...

The Phantom of the Opera. I think that with counseling, some cosmetic surgery and maybe some antidepressants, the Phantom could have saved himself and the object of his obsession a lot of heartache and strain. Of course we then would have missed all those catchy, romantic tunes. Andrew Lloyd Weber can write music.

I can't post pictures from this computer. I can't think of anything to write about, and so: Good night.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Mom's Night Out comes once a month, but a fiftieth birthday is once in a lifetime, so it needs to be played up properly: With love, humor, and friends, Janice was the guest of honor at Jola's last night when we celebrated "Janice's Fabulous 50s." Some of us dressed the part with bobby socks and ponytails, all of us enjoyed the laughter, good company and great food that typically comes with MNO. A few new faces were with us, more of Janice's friends, including Tracy, Jenny and Judy (Ahem... no one is home to confirm, and I did have two Margaritas last night, so I hope I am remembering the names correctly.) Jola rolled out the Rock and Roll carpet complete with Damask napkins, 50s tunes, fresh flowers and a banquet feast (including those Margaritas I mentioned.)

Janice, Linda, Jenny and Tracy.

VGs makes a tasty 50s style cake with raspberry filling

Jola consulted with Dan, so she could serve Janice all her favorites, like salmon, asparagus, and pear salad.

Anne, our fearless leader on aging with strength, grace and discount savings, introduces Janice to AARP.

Looks like Janice is making a good wish. I know we all wish her a very happy birthday, and fifty more!

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Bob, the landlord, came by again today. In our first two years here he never came to the house, which was nice. It's no fun to be reminded that the house is our home, but not *ours.* Now I guess he is anxious to get their remodel plans rolling. He brought his tape measure today, and as he measured he passed the numbers to someone on the other end of his cell phone.

Is it hard to believe I am shy? I write tons and send it out in to the world almost daily, and yet I feel more or less anonymous, so no anxiety. But I sat quiet as a mouse while Bob went around the house. I hoped he'd not knock on the door or ask to come in or inquire as to why we still have halloween pumpkins on the front porch... The doorbell has been out of commission for quite some time, so if he tried to ring, I didn't hear it, but of course I knew he was out there, so I am still technically spineless.

Since his last drop-by I have resolved to pack/clean. Rather than put things on a shelf or back in the closet, I try to pack it for our inevitable move. Of course, I can't pack everything, and we don't even know where we are going, or even when we are going. But we are going, no later than October. I'd rather it be sooner. I am very ineffective when I am anticipating upheaval.

Last night I dreamt about Nena. We had pet mice and Nena kept getting in to the cage and swallowing the mice whole. It was a remarkable sight, she hardly let a tail slip from her kitty lips, so perhaps they were very small mice. There are also seemed to be a number of aquariums in the dream, and they were all low on water, which I attributed to Nena drinking the water. Who can say what the significance of any of this is? In life Nena ate birds, not mice.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

I Am A Gamer... Come Game With Me!

Da, da, da, da, da... Katamari Damacy. Imagine being serenaded by a Japanese Wayne Newton, while rolling up a ball that gradually grows as it sticks to everything in its path; it starts small and gathers gumdrops, paper clips, erasers, then the ball can pick up plates, yarn, frogs, shoes, and you, the prince player, continue rolling, playing against the clock, and trying to make your Katamari large enough to roll up oil tankers, rainbows, Big Ben, cows, dinosaurs, pedestrians, trees and islands, and on and on.

Please, please say you'll play Katamari with us. We'll come over and share our obsession, then you too will know the elation that comes with rolling up dandelions, reindeer, sumo wrestlers and fruit carts, and the thrill of the race as you grow and grow and GROW. Don't be silly, thinking *what is the point?* There is no point. Remember: A point in every direction is the same as no point at all!

Search your feelings. You know you want to call us...