Friday, January 13, 2006


Mom's Night Out comes once a month, but a fiftieth birthday is once in a lifetime, so it needs to be played up properly: With love, humor, and friends, Janice was the guest of honor at Jola's last night when we celebrated "Janice's Fabulous 50s." Some of us dressed the part with bobby socks and ponytails, all of us enjoyed the laughter, good company and great food that typically comes with MNO. A few new faces were with us, more of Janice's friends, including Tracy, Jenny and Judy (Ahem... no one is home to confirm, and I did have two Margaritas last night, so I hope I am remembering the names correctly.) Jola rolled out the Rock and Roll carpet complete with Damask napkins, 50s tunes, fresh flowers and a banquet feast (including those Margaritas I mentioned.)

Janice, Linda, Jenny and Tracy.

VGs makes a tasty 50s style cake with raspberry filling

Jola consulted with Dan, so she could serve Janice all her favorites, like salmon, asparagus, and pear salad.

Anne, our fearless leader on aging with strength, grace and discount savings, introduces Janice to AARP.

Looks like Janice is making a good wish. I know we all wish her a very happy birthday, and fifty more!

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