Friday, November 28, 2014

{this moment}

A single photo, capturing a moment from the week.
A special moment. A moment I want to remember.

:: Inspired by Soule Mama ::

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William and his grandmother, Delia~
"Hold on to your forks, there's pie!" Who said that? It's brilliant.

Thursday, November 27, 2014


A panorama in Limekiln State Park, July 28, 2014. Happy Thanksgiving~

As I scrolled through the thousands of pictures I have in my photo library, I was once again reminded of the very many people, places, things, feelings, and ideas that I am thankful for. Naming them could take until New Year's Eve! So, I will say this much... I am thankful for Chickenblog, because this place, where I scratch the surface of deep thoughts and other musings, has become a treasure trove, recording happy memories, dreams coming true, friendships blossoming, surprises, reflections, blessings. I am thankful to have a small part of our lives, our days, our adventures, and misadventures captured in images, in words. Chickenblog is here to remind me of all the good, hard, wonderful, challenging, and dear things we have enjoyed in twelve years. I feel rich in friends, blessed in comforts and experiences, and inspired by the beauty all around us. And I heartily wish you healthy helpings of all that lifts your spirits, raises your thoughts, heals your heart, and fills you up!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

I Do Love Our Bad Kitty

In so many ways, frequently, constantly, and dependably, Mister Washburn Foo demonstrates how to be a bad kitty.

He drinks from a bowl on the kitchen counter.

He bites toes.

He drops to the floor, at your feet, just at the moment you are about to step out... especially if your arms are so full of laundry/lumber/homework, groceries that he can hardly be perceived.

He steals Lego parts, and hides them in clever little caches around the house. Always grey or black pieces.

He sneaks into my sewing basket and runs off with anything wool, never mind the needles and pins, which we have to search for in the wake of his destruction. Needle in a Foo stack!

Mister Washburn Foo stalks chickens, birds, lizards, and sweet fluffy unsuspecting things. His intentions are of the fatal variety.

He jumps on grandmothers, and great-grandmothers, kind women, small children, and sleeping bodies. He is unrepentant.

He torments Chango Biddy Bongo the Cubano Cat, and poor Chango is too old to do anything more than endure and suffer his usurper.

He sleeps on his back, in a heap of unashamed kitty confidence and contentment, tempting passers-by to indulge him with affection and cariños.

He poops two inches outside of the litter box.

When he gets outside, and knows he's about to be captured, he throws himself to the ground and rolls in the dirt, super-magnetically affixing all loose particles to his fur.

He indulges in all manner of uncivilized behavior, like parking his butt in the middle of a card game, then wears a smug expression, as though the game, or the company, is dissatisfying, or dull.

He seduces us with his polka spots, lures us with his deep purrs, tempts us with his swishy tail, snuggles us on chilly nights, and charms us with his Fooish ways.



And when I decide to make the bed, sweep the floor, sort the laundry, do paper work, or take the table cover to the washing machine, he is there, eager and ready to spare me the trouble, because he is such a thoroughly, adorably, irresistibly bad kitty.

Monday, November 24, 2014

Five Good Things

We had a veggie stir fry for dinner last night. These lovelies, plus green onions, a little garlic, and toasted almond slivers over noodles. Not just a delicious dinner, but a trial run for Maria's birthday lunch... she wants to serve ramen, like they do in Ponyo. It's fun, and challenging, when you're creating a birthday party theme without the benefit of standard issue party favors and decor. Happily, Maria agrees that our original ideas, and touches are great, and in good keeping with the very original director himself, and for good measure Maria commissioned a cake from her talented and creative Tutu. So, it will be, in some fashion or another, a Hayao Miyazaki party for Maria's tenth birthday celebration. We're happy as can be!

But first, Thanksgiving! My favorite. Halloween is great fun, birthdays are special, Christmas is dear, and lovely, and you know I can make even Groundhog Day an event... but Thanksgiving is like a lovely pause between the candy rush and the mild hysteria that the proceeding holidays can impose. Thanksgiving is warm, quiet, and comforting, it's gratitude and gathering, and makes me feel thankful for home, for family, for memories, and connections. It brings us to the basics of all good things, especially when we can be home, be with family, be safe, be in tune with our comforts and pleasures. {Also, I think we are going to try to make one of those Viking tents for the backyard, and shoot... who wouldn't want that for Thanksgiving comforts and pleasures??}

Good Things...

1. Delia has come all the way from Oregon. She left real autumn weather, and her sweetheart, too, so we think it's especially lucky that we have her here with us.

2. Our own weather forecast looks slightly less ghastly {hot, dry, windy} than previously predicted, and we even have some rain in the picture next week.

3. Lately, Mister Washburn Foo is inclined to snuggle on our laps and feet.

4. Friends... when they call, or text, or share pictures of their own laundry horrors, so you can feel normal, when they offer soup, hold your hand, tell you it's going to be alright.

5. The new roof that hangs over our porch and keeps out the rain... and Geoff, who built it, and fills my life with more goodness than I can count.

It's almost Thanksgiving time. I love the FB posts of travel, and preparations, the recipes shared, and plans being made. There is something warm and loving in the anticipation everyone feels... it's so very good.