Sunday, November 13, 2022

Still October

Just pretending it's still October, that I am still participating in the "Picture a Day' activity on Instagram, which I didn't actually keep up with. No need to explain, right? Okay. It's October and here are some moments we enjoyed on the fourth of October, when Ruth and I met Maria on campus.
This was barely Maria's second week at University. Now, she's finished mid-terms and is working on final projects. She's even enrolling for her second quarter. She is happy. Seriously. She likes her classes, and her roommates, and walking all over campus, finding new spaces, making her way around new environs and experiences. And, I should add: I am happy, too. There are still moments when I have a sudden start because she isn't in her room, or I imagine her walking to class, clear across campus, in the rain. Those are not easy moments. But, then again, I am terribly fortunate, too... we see eachother at least a couple of times during the week, and she comes home for the weekends. It's so lovely to have this balance between discovering independence and new opportunities, all while retaining our connections, our walks, talks, shared interests.


Ruth said...

Oh my gosh, there you are! You and Maria were in my thoughts today. I was going to ring up Maria, since I have her cell no. now, then decided to check CB, on a whim. Tada!

That was a fun day. It's great that Maria likes her classes and her roomies...and it's incredible that she has completed mid-terms already. She is a quiet force of nature, for sure.

The picture-a-day idea sure seemed overly-ambitious. Yup, no need to explain. It must take an extraordinary amount of effort to create all that you create. Of course, having immense talent and a sense of humor must help, too.

I check Instagram everyday to "see what's left" of you. You could walk away from CB tomorrow and you wouldn't be leaving it in an "awkward sad state." You would be leaving a 20-year long history of a life and a family and a little farm, a very long "moment in time", so to speak. That is something to be proud of!

lilysgrannie said...

I hope you return to regular blogging but of course that is up to you. So many of the the blogs that I've followed over the years have ended or rarely post. It's a huge commitment.

Laura Bray said...

What a nice post! My daughter will be off to college next year and it's nice to see how wonderful it can be for everyone involved!