Tuesday, October 04, 2022

3 & 4 October Photo a Day

Morning Things... must include a cat sleeping on my legs or between my ankles, or across my knees. And sometimes it's two cats. And we know, us cat keepers, that the rules say "do not ruffle or disturb," and so morning things include one extricating oneself out from under cats.

Other morning things, in recent months include visits to the beach, walking and looking for something new. Looking for something new is the game I play to keep motivated and engaged. I can't lie... it was easier to walk all day, in Paris, Amsterdam, and I'd do the same in Madison, Wisconisn, or Portland, Oregon, easily and gladly in the Redwoods, Limekiln, the shores of Lake Michigan, around Whitefish Bay. Closer to home, I depend on my game, and I look for things to photograph, to keep me moving forward. On October 3rd, the morning thing was taking the trail from to top of Torrey Pine State Park down to the ocean.
Cozy is the prompt for today, and I thought of my quilts, and how happy I am that I learned to quilt. That I made these, and more, and have them to remind me of hours hand sewing, of colors, and babies, and picnics, and the way my mind contentedly reflects on loved ones, how I make prayers for their well being, and imagine days to come when we will be together. I get lost in dreams, wishes, hopes, and there must be something binding, something that gets held in the threads. I feel all the good and promising urges and yearnings, and they feel cozy, warm.
Another cozy offering... a birthday dinner celebrating Bambi. She and Alex prepared ratatouille, and garlic bread loaded with mushrooms, and for dessert there were orange cranberry scones. We are going to reinstate week-long birthday celebrations, so that Maria can join in the fun when she comes home.


Ruth said...

You are a prolific and talented family of artists. Keep on keepin' on.

I know what you mean about the cat on the legs. Cats rule!

Laura Bray said...

Garlic bread with mushrooms sounds delicious! Why didn't I think of that?

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Ruth, thank you! Truly. I hope you know how much I appreciate your support and enthusiasm, for Chickenblog, and my art. I really don't want to believe that I am letting Chickenblog go, because I love all the good it has brought me.

Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Laura Bray... it was delicious, and fully loaded with mushrooms. And I (mostly) don't like mushrooms. Maybe they are easier for me to handle when they are in smaller pieces? I forget if Geoff ate them. He abhors mushrooms!! It's funny to us, but it really is not an acceptable food group in his thinking!