Sunday, October 02, 2022

2 October Photo a Day :: Everyday Moments

Last week Maria asked for a refresher lesson on making corn tortillas, and so we made some together. Today we turned to making flour tortillas, which she has less experience with, and they are a bit harder. Oh, but they are so delicious.
Cooking, in a house with seven, is an everyday activity. We all cook, and share some delicious meals together. These flour tortillas were rolled up with the beans I made this week, and so that was lunch. Cooking... 2/31 for October's Photo a Day!


Dayle Kasner said...

Glad you decided to return... the tortillas look delicious
Dayle in Corbett Or

Nicole MacPherson said...

Welcome back! Those look very yummy.

Janece said...

I really really want to try the tortillas (and your beans... yum!). I don't have a press or a comal pan, though. Maybe I need to start saving up for it. :)

I'm soo giddy to see you back at ChickenBlog! Because fall is not yet here -- I'm drinking iced tea instead of a hot tea with honey (my favorite beverage for reading and enjoying ChickenBlog). Fingers crossed, maybe in 3-4 weeks. :D