Friday, December 04, 2009

We Need A Little Christmas

All the way to the tree lot my mind and heart were in a heated debate.

Heart: What we need is to decorate for Christmas.

Mind:We are sick. Stay in bed. Shut out the light.

Heart: Fresh air and the joyful spirit of Christmas will cure whatever ails us.

Mind: Are you for real?

Heart: Think of the children, and the heartwarming sight of a lit up tree.

Mind: Think of the lines and the hassle of climbing in to the attic to search for the tree stand.

Heart: A cheerful heart has no fear.

Mind: Bah and humbug. A cheerful heart doesn't vacuum pine needles.

Heart: This is going to be wonderful. You'll see.

They went back and forth like that. I side with the heart, obviously.

Only Max and I are sick and I think the fresh air was good for us. William and Alex are strong and capable, so I put them in charge. They found a good tree, and Max, Maria and I chimed in with our happy approval.

William and Alex hoisted our evergreen on to the roof of the sleigh van, secured it and even got it standing straight and secure in our living room.

Now it is lit and pretty and cheerful and dropping pine needles...


judy in ky said...

I hope the Christmas spirit speeds up your healing!

Jennifer said...

Magnificent! The wonderful aroma and the feeling of the holiday will be as good as chicken soup! But maybe you could have that, too. Do feel better soon!